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Islamic terrorism refers to violence acts committed by Muslims for the intention of accomplishing several religious and political ends. One of the most prominent Islamic organizations is the Al-Qaeda, founded by Osama Bin Laden with the aims of destabilizing global security and delegitimizing western values and culture and therefore create power balance between the Islamic and west world

Driving force of Middle East Islamic terrorism

Religion and culture major driving force behind of Islamic terrorism and are rooted in the combination of Islamic religion based on Quran and Hadith which offer justification and motivation, as well as in traditions of Arab culture. The moral justification and degrees of power for Islamic terrorism organizations are mostly couched politically, but on basis of Islamic religion and sources of power and authority are based on religious principles.  

Through utilizing   these forces and pleading to the deeply embedded religious beliefs, radical terrorism leaders are always successful in motivation of Islamist terrorist, developing for them a social atmosphere that offers approval and a religious atmosphere that offers legal and moral sanction for their actions. The victory drastic Islamic organization in the recruitment, ideological maintenance and posting of terrorists without their succumbing or defecting to the decoy of Western civilization verifies the profound ideological nature of this phenomenon.  



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The legality of Jihad is a driving force behind Middle East Islamic terrorism.  Jihad which means struggle is seen as distinctive to radical Islamic philosophy of struggle to attain what they want and there is no an agreement on why the terrorist acts must be condemned. The use of Islamic faith fatwa, to instigate violent acts has been used in Osama attacks against Israel and United States.


Religion is the major driving force behind Middle East Muslim terrorism.  Muslims have religious beliefs such as Jihad based on Hadith and Koran which give them the motivation and justification of their terror actions.  They utilize these beliefs to commit terrorism since they offer a social surrounding and a religious atmosphere that provided approval and moral sanction for their acts.


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