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Sabrina Tavernise in her article “Longevity Up in U.S., but Education Creates Disparity” published in The New York Times has attempted to show that there is a correlation between increased life expectancy and amount of education gained by considering various factors in life. Previously different studies have been carried out on the increased life expectancy with indicators such as smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating habits, obesity. However, correlation between education and life expectancy is a tricky one. Moreover, the data shown by the author has shown that education and longevity have increased over time. In addition, it justifies this expression by comparing premature deaths in different countries with different levels of education. However, against the author’s work, the average age considered for premature death has been around 75 years, which in any regard is not acceptable because many countries do not have an average age of more than 60 years.

Another notable point, which has been highlighted in this article, is the level of education that has decreased over the passage of time in America. This is a significant source of concern for America as achieving higher education can help them in staying healthy and to be socially fit in society (Unesco, 2005). Nevertheless, more chances of a having safe future career are eminent, this I believe will make ways for development of a personality and character and in the longer run, and it will enable healthy activities and will prevent individual from performing ill acts.

Furthermore, the author also approves that a 16 percent declines (in the years of life lost) were visible in terms of average age of an individual in comparison with an increase of education (post-secondary) level by one year. In my view, this might be a coincidence, as the rate of higher education is not by any chance directly proportional to the rate of length of life. However, one should be properly educated regarding hygiene, physical exercise, and healthy eating habits to increase life expectancy.

Similarly, another important fact that this article indicates is the difference in terms of achieving higher education by various different counties. For instance, 90 percent of teenagers of Putnam have completed graduation, whereas Bronux scored 60 percent in this regard. This difference of education may be because of various reasons and factors such as social conditions, issues related to wealth, job opportunities, and other factors that one way or the other could affect the rate of education all together. Similarly, 47 percent of adults have selected college studies in the Bronux County, which shows that the importance of having education is relay understood in this state (Tavernise, 2012).

Similarly, these differences were not only limited in the education sector. There were different stats for other factors, as well. For example, Bronux has reported almost double death rate as compare to Putnam. The former has 8 out of 100 values, and the later had 4.4 out of 100, which again is a source of concern. However, this data clearly indicates that education is somewhat related with the length of life, but there is no scientific theory that supports this argument otherwise that scientific theory was also presented by the author (Tavernise, 2012).

Besides, considering the aforementioned factors, the author of this article further plants his argument by building another key idea, which is about the quantity of restaurants in both the abovementioned counties. Putnam has 44% of fast food restaurants in comparison with 62% of fast food restaurants in Bronux (in the state of New York, United States). Another important factor that I believe has resulted in contributing towards the high death rate in Bronux. As healthy eating habit of an individual can lead towards overall fitness that further make ways, and provide fewer chances of getting sick or having different diseases. The consequences are increase in the length of life (Tavernise, 2012).

The overall relation between the amount of education gained and the increase in length of life is well put forward by the author. Though limitation of research is visible, therefore, further research is also required in this regard as there are lots of confusions and issues related to it. As in my view, education does not directly affect the length of age, but it affects with the support and involvement of various other factors such as eating habits, smoking, social conditions, environmental conditions and other factors.


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