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Free «Evaluating Approaches of History Teachers» Essay Sample

No matter which approaches professional history teachers use, the effectiveness of those approaches and methods in conveying meanings and information is the most important for students. Whether history teachers rely on text books, research materials, primary sources, or other sources, it is essential to consider some distinct criteria for evaluating history teachers’ approaches.

The first criterion is whether a teacher is making connections between what students are learning and the real world. Students understand better if they make a modern day connection. For example, if they are being taught history of the discovery of America, they can relate the information to the present situation in America. However, if it is impossible to make such connections, it is better to find other methods to teach a lesson.

The second evaluating criterion is the course planning. Each teacher plans his lessons according to expectations from students. It will heavily depend on abilities and the level of knowledge of students being taught. A course plan should be developed efficiently in order to meet course objectives. A good teacher takes into consideration every detail and tries to make his lesson clear and easy for students to follow. From the cases, Ron plans his classes according to the textbook material and teaches with clarity and the aim of meeting specific objectives.


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The third aspect of a teaching approach is making a lesson interactive. Students always prefer classes which they get involved in. In addition to reading, understanding, and answering questions, they may, for example, be asked to create projects such as Foldables for dates or historical figures. A good history teacher always pushes his students into doing things by themselves because they will remember better and understand more. From the cases, Sue is doing the best in terms of making lessons interactive for students while introducing simulation activities.

To conclude, there are many ways to evaluate history teachers’ approaches in teaching. Every teacher seeks the best for his students. That is why we can find different methods and approaches. However, there are some criteria that really need to be evident in evaluating effectiveness of teaching of Ron, Even, and Sue.


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