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The article Food Safety Certification is an article that covers about the information about the investments in food. It was written early this year. The article puts an argument on American food policies and prevention of food wastage. The author of the article used proper writing styles and had the qualification in writing such articles. The material is organized in paragraphs with each paragraph giving the reader different information. The organization of the article shows that the author had experience in writing. The work ends with a conclusion. Each person can understand the information from the article due to its proper organization and the simple language that is used.


The article begins with an introduction, highlighting the problem that is faced by the food industry and consumer-retailer relation in America. The article states that food safety breaches have killed many consumers. In the first paragraph, it talks about the damages caused by food safety breaches. They have made many people lose million of dollars and caused the death for others. Other damages caused by the breach include loss and decline of the image of the brand and most of consumers lose trust in the brand. The creation of awareness to consumers of food poisoning by U.S food safety and other social media made the manufactures and retailers safe time to search for public relationship responses. 



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In the third paragraph, the author explained things which made the manufactures and retailers focus on food safety. The sourcing of products from high risk area, like China, India and Latin America, made the manufacturer and consumer focus more on food safety. In the fourth paragraph, the author explains that store brands test food before accepting it in their stores. Competition also makes retailers ensure safety of the food. In the fifth paragraph, the author highlights the organization bodies which deal with food safety. He states that the organization ensures that each product sold is not poisoned. In the last paragraph, the author concludes by saying that many manufactures of food products have joined the organization which deals with food safety.


The author was qualified to write on this topic because he revealed the cause of the problem, highlighted its nature and made solution. He organized the article in paragraphs, each of which brings different idea. The author started the article with an introduction, followed by few body paragraphs and conclusion. The introduction highlights the main problem discussed in the article. The body talks about causes of the problem, while conclusion highlights how the problem has been resolved. The author has underlined the key points in the article. He talks about the problem caused and the problem resolved. He used different sources to come up with the information. One of the sources used is library books and Internet materials which discuss the issue of food safety. Generally, the author could not come up with his own ideas and this means that he used additional sources of information.

This article was published to give the readers information concerning food safety. It alerts consumers about the risk of buying untested food. The article also helps foreigners visiting America by providing them with the information about the risk involved in American food. The manufactures and retailer of food products also read the article and fully understand market trends. They understand which organization to join in order to make sure their food products are tested and certified. The article also ensures that the government does not use a lot of funds while taking care of people consuming poisoned food. The article can also be used for academic purposes. Students who are interested in the field of food safety can use the article in their studies. The professionals in the sphere of nutrition food safety will accept the article because it helps to increase food safety awareness.


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