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Accounting. The title for the profession is Accountant based on every level and department of an organization. Therefore, as an accountant one could hold accounting positions according to industry, department and skill. An accountant acts as the backbone of the businesses as he or she helps in day to day smooth running of the firm as per the financial, stock , sales, production, distribution basically in every simple and advanced operations. Accountant puts up his/her skills in financial, accounting, business and legal information of an organization whereby helps managers, Investors ,Shareholders, Customers, Auditors, Tax authorities and other personalities in decision making and prosperity of the organization. Through history Accounting has been the engine of organizational and government operations whereby it helps in the management, valuation, determination, recording and determination of financial, (Thornton, pg. 23).

In an interview, some of the toughest questions one will expect would come from the ethics section of the practice and from the essentials of practice. With accounting growing and expanding its practice within all institutions in the world there has been concern on the ethics of the practice as it branches in every field. Questions about the current ethical changes and practices would then pop out in an interview hence one would have a problem capturing the essentials of ethics in each field, (Thornton, pg. 56). Then second question would be about the international accounting standards and current trends. This question will be tougher because of the constant reviewing or changes in the basic international accounting standards and international general accepted accounting practices.


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