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Nowadays, everyone is trying to reach the top of his/her career. There are so many professionals everywhere that it is hard to compete with them. Nevertheless, if there was no competition, the professionals would not be skilled. Someone is trying to win the opponents by lowering the salary, someone is trying to cheat, and some are really talented.

I am not an exception. I always try to develop professionally, improve my knowledge, and to be a skilled competitor. I suppose I am successful enough, because I have a lot of experience. I can easily become a successful manager. I got my experience while studying at school and university. I used to lead since the time I remember myself…

For example, when I was in the kindergarten, it was up to me which game we will play. Kids used to follow me, and I used to propose games which the majority liked. I always had a strong influence on people.

During my school years, my teacher made me the head of our class. After that, I understood what it means to take responsibility and duty. I had to make the duty schedule for each week. In the end of each month, I had to make knowledge rate report of the pupils. Our school teachers and my classmates respected the job I did. As for me, I also liked what I did.



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When I was twelve, I went to play sports. As you can guess, I became the captain of our football team. My trainer realized that I have wonderful talent of analyzing and developing strategy. So, when Mr. Jonson has noticed it, he discussed with me the strategy before each our game. I could make my team play according to the game situation required. So, thanks to this, almost each of our team games was successful. If we failed, we would definitely win the next match because till that time, we corrected all our mistakes.

When I have entered the high school, I had one important goal in the beginning of the studies: I wanted to be at the leading position again. However, to tell you the truth, it was easy to get this position because I was the most experienced among all my opponents. Till that time, I had much experience in the analyses and running the group’s registry. I was even used to do some presentations each month to make students compare themselves with others. This method did a great job, because the next month marks had rapidly increased. I really loved what I was doing, and our professors respected my hard job too.

So, why do I think that I can become a successful manager? I have enough experience in the teamwork; I have great analytical skills which can help me to predict the future. I can easily get on with other people, even my staff. Also, I am highly educated, and I can easily accommodate to the new working environment.

I want to give some advice for those who are trying to get leading positions and who are not afraid of the challenge. So, here is my list:

  • If you want to be a successful manager, first of all, you should do your job well.
  • It is not a good idea to give orders all the time, it is better to ask to do something.
  • You have to know the names of all your staff and call them by names. It is much more pleasant.
  • You need to be a great analytic.
  • Do not be afraid of paper job.
  • Never let your mood to influence your attitude towards your stuff.
  • Be friendly, keep smiling, and tell some jokes from time to time.
  • Try to be innovative.
  • Do not be afraid of challenge.
  • Keep going to your aim no matter what happens.
  • You should not ignore the criticism.

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So, it was my list of tips which helped me to become a successful manager. I am sure that they will help you. Finally, remember that the more challenge you have, the better it is for you.


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