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Among the companies that have a history that spans over years and have grown from small firms to multinationals is Terinex; a company that produces oven bags. While the company initially targeted small companies, it has later extended, supplying its product to over fifty countries. This is a result of dedication of the staff and the directors of the company. This paper is a brief analysis of the operations and the achievements of Terinex company.

The operations and achievements

Terinex manufacturers located at Elms Estate in Befford, England manufactures and supplies oven bags, catering supplies, Clingfilm and tissues (Flora 2008, 48). The company exports to over fifty countries around the world. The company has been operating for over forty years and it has been supplying and producing a wide assortment of catering products. It serves consumers from UK and other parts of the world through provision of quality commodities. Terinex assures quality through detailed autonomous quality accreditations and in-house quality controls. Its products are accredited through British Retail Consortium (BRC) and ISO9001. Above all, Terinex uphold corporate social responsibility through preservation of the environment. The company is constantly growing and it is embracing innovations such as the system of EDGE dispensing for foil, Cleanline Gastronorm lining mechanism and baking parchment (Commercial Intelligence service 2003, 56).



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The company manufactures polyester bags from TSPO2 grade material. It uses its TSPO2 grade material to produce TSPO2 bags which are domestically utilized by airlines for heating foods. Moreover, the TSPO2 bags are used for industrial processing of foods. Other products manufactured by the company includes aluminum foils, doyleys, facial tissues, wraps, film, refills, dispensers, Bakewell heating parchment and other disposable catering products. The company aims at creating an impact in the market through displaying the major advantages of the TSPO2 oven bag commodities (June 2008, p 34).

One of the major boosts of the sales that are made by the company is the good name that is carried forward by renown chefs who tell the story of their products. In its website, Tirinex give a report of Andrew Turner, a renowned chef, who has worked with the products of the company for a long period of time. Andrew is one among many clients who are engaged in the customer based marketing that the company depends on. Customers based marketing is a marketing strategy where the customers are used to reach more customers by giving a good report about a product (John 2010, p 78).

The company has been able to maintain the quality of their products by collection of the dead stocks from costumers. These have made the company a multilevel operator where it is a supplier and at the same time a collector. This is in line with the company’s policy of ensuring that its products do not have a negative effect on the environment. However, the company has not been able to pass this service to the clients that are beyond England.


The operations of Terinex company and its achievements are a milestone in many areas such as; the growth of medium companies to multinationals, the environmental conservation, and the consumer based marketing. The contribution of the company in the catering industry is also great and this makes the company a subject of study to many students in the hotel industry. The areas touched in this paper thus are a summary of a great record of excellence. 


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