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General Summary Report

General summary report which entails several sub-headings like the U.S. census 2000: basic variables, race and ethnicity, occupation and employment, means of transport to work, as well as family status; basically shows a review factsheet of the area represented by zip 60614. In this report, break down will be done in the area of basic variable which in this case will be the educational attainment (American FactFinder, n.d.).

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Educational Attainment

  • Persons with any sort of a degree compile just over 80%
  • Persons who have attained some sort of college certification or even grade school and K-12 graduation amount to 19.46%

The degree category has been combined since it’s a common factor as a degree is an associate one or a bachelor’s one. Again the rest of the variables can be grouped together to form a single strand of a variable. Moreover, the reduction of this grouping allows the regional sales manager to have an improved outlook of the 60614 zip area’s broad population between those having a degree and those do not have (US Census Bureau data-Cook County Data, n.d.).

1980 - 2000 Census Trends

Subsequent analysis will focus at the 1980 – 200 U.S. Census Trends for the same zip code 60614, and the variable broke down as the total household income covering the years from 1980 to 2000.

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  •  $ 0 - $29,999 = 21,048
  •  $30,000 - $75,000 = 10,641
  • $75,001 - $149,999 = 5,856
  •  $150,000 + = 0


  • $ 0 - $29,999 = 12,171
  •  $30,000 - $75,000 = 22,665
  •  $75,001 - $149,999 = 11,909
  •  $150,000 + = 2,867


  •  $ 0 - $29,999 = 7,037
  •  $30,000 - $75,000 = 28,937
  •  $75,001 - $149,999 = 21,945
  •  $150,000 + = 7,531

Collapsing all the 13 categories to just four will highly enable the regional sales manager to obtain a superior observation of the household earnings of persons living in the region between the proposed years of 1980-2000.

Occupation and Employment

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On the report touching the occupation and employment data for the zip 60614, the sub-variable to be collapsed would be that of travel time to work.

  • 0 - 24 (work at home included) = 46.40%
  • 25 - 59 = 43.70%
  • 60 or more = 9.80%

Seemingly, regrouping and condensing the 13 entries into only three would convey the average time of travel to 33 minutes. This data set will allow the regional sales manager to clearly see in which group the population is having a large amount of savings due to them saving money that would rather go to commuting expenses. People taking up less than hour to work form about 90% of the working class and roughly time they can spend on other purchases as commuting doesn’t siphon them a lot of their earnings (US Census Bureau economic data of Cook County, n.d.).

Income Summary

The income summary variable generally shows the earning ranges received by the employed population, and in this case break down is done for the household income by year.

  •  0 - $29,999 - 232.67%
  •  $30,000 - $59,999 - 177.95%
  •  $60,000 - $199,999 - 177.33%
  •  $200,000 - 50.93%

This income collapsing comes up with 4 categories and creates the earnings by quantity made as an alternative of amount as well as age which allows the entire analysis to be interpreted more clearly.


The above method of collapsing and regrouping of data sets is commonly used as it enhances the eligibility and comprehension of the whole information. Therefore, the breakdown will definitely help the regional sales manager in understanding the whole load of information easily with regard to the U.S. census report of 1980-2000 for zip 60614.

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