Free «Leadership And Project Team Management» Essay Sample

Actions the team members are taking to complete the project:

  1. Regular meetings are beings held in order to agree on strategies.
  2. Personal research is encouraged so that during each meeting brainstorming is easy and extensive ideas are available.
  3. Each member is given responsibility to research on a particular area so that each and every member remains active.

Trouble spots- real and potential- likely to be encountered while undertaking the project:

  1. Disagreements on some issues among the members during planning.
  2. Problems of finding convenient time for meeting for all the members
  3. Presence of active and dormant team members.

Attitude and behavior of other team members:

  1. Some team members are pessimistic; they do not find it possible for the team to produce quality work.
  2. There are members who are very active and are doing everything to reach a successful completion of the project.
  3. There are also some dormant members who are selfish as they do not make efforts to attend meetings regularly.

Areas that need more attention:

  1. There is a need to emphasize compulsory attendance of all the meetings by the members.
  2. There is also a need to give roles to each member; the roles should be rotated from time to time in order to ensure activeness.
  3. It is important to improve punctuality of attending team meetings and submitting reports.


The team has been successfully formed since it includes members with different capabilities; it allows to open an interesting brainstorming session due to availability of variety of ideas.



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The organization of regular meetings is a good idea since it made a good progress even though absenteeism by some members is derailing the performance.

Since potential problems have been presented to all members, there is a hope that they will cooperate and it will lead to an excellent performance of the team. Currently, the performance of the team can be termed as average since few hindrances have affected the progress, such as dormancy of some members of some members and absenteeism during meetings.


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