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Business Plan

Executive summary

What is the best way to quickly get food with the delivery service right to your apartment? Of course, it is the way to order the food from the pizza delivery service. One of the most popular restaurant chains that are widespread all over the world is Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s Pizza is the old player in the fast food restaurant industry. It started its operation in the 1960’s. The restaurant represents a company with the comfortable and fast delivery service. It is the International fast food restaurant chain and the second-largest pizza restaurant chain after the "Pizza Hut" in the United States. It has about 8,500 corporate and authorized branches in 55 countries licensed franchise. Domestically, Domino’s Pizza operates very well in terms of the profit and customer loyalty. It has spread its operations abroad. It faced the decent success while bringing its operations to the international market.   

Domino’s Pizza continues to establish its restaurants in Europe, particularly in Switzerland. The country like Switzerland represents a good market for the further expansion of the company. There is a basic infrastructure and some shops that have the great potential with the rapidly growing consumer market. The next step is to open the restaurant in Geneva. Geneva is one of the main cities of the Switzerland. It represents the potential market for the expansion of the restaurant with the fast delivery service of pizza. Domino’s pizza would satisfy the need for more wide choice of the fast food for families who prefer the dining meals with the option of the home-delivery service. The restaurant will serve as a company to satisfy the market need in Geneva, as a population of the city is rapidly growing. It is an opportunity for the Domino’s Pizza to establish itself as a main provider of pizza in the area. It is the best option for the population to have the restaurant with fresh and unique menu in contrast to the local fast food restaurants. The current business plan is going to represent a pizza company with the forecasted growth in order to meet the needs of the city. It describes the strong company with growth prospects in the near future.



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The mission of the Domino’s Pizza is to create a pleasant and convenient pizza delivery service for the city residents. The company strives, through the decent and fast service, to create the unique environment in which people of all ages could enjoy the high quality of the product and its delicious taste. It is our responsibility to provide our customers with sensitive look and taste of the delicious pizza as well as with high quality of the ingredients in it. We are seeking to create and provide for our clients the decent service with the best value. We are going to provide our customers with fast delivery and satisfaction from our products. It is our priority to provide tangible and intangible values to our customers. While, some local restaurants provide its customers with the fast food in their food facilities, we will cover any trouble for those who would like to taste pizza at home or at office during the work time. Additionally, we will be the first pizza delivery company which provides the fastest delivery in any point of the city during the thirty minutes.  

One of the company’s goals is to create the comfortable environment for people to work. Our mission is to create the respectful, healthy, fun and creative environment for the workers, in which we will reward our employees with decent wages in order to encourage them to respect the customers. It will entail the fairly behavior of the employees to the customers and provide the efficient work and quality of the pizza we produce. It will encourage the employees to treat each customer with the high attention without exception. We will make every effort in order to reward our employees with fair work conditions and keep the company with the stable growth of profit in order to satisfy owners and investors. It is our responsibility to meet their expectations of the investors for their risks and contributions to the company success. 

Key to success

The company has many factors that could provide the quick success for the owners. The successful operations in the different countries have provided a clear vision of the key aspects of the success. The main element of the successful operation is to deliver to the customer the value proposition. It is very important to establish the proper and effective marketing strategy. It includes the promoting of the company at the new market. It is also necessary to advertise a product among the population. The key element of the marketing strategy will be the establishment of the delivery channels that would provide for all customers the delivery time no more than thirty minutes. In order to keep the flow of the customers and maintain their loyalty, it is important to produce the product with the high quality and taste. The pricing strategy has to have equal effectiveness to the company income as well as to the customer demands. It is also has to be balanced in accordance with the pricing strategy of the main competitors. The company will orient its efforts to the all segments of the customer market with the main priority to the target audience. The proper and professional management style will provide the on time delivery. It will control the cost and marketing budgets. The right control over the financial affairs and inventory. Thus, the keys to success are as follows:

  • Providing the value proposition
  • Proper marketing strategy: promoting a company; advertising the product; establishing the delivery channels
  • Quality of the product
  • Fast and on time delivery
  • Pricing strategy: balance between the income and customer demands; taking into account the competitors’ prices
  • Management: professional approach and control over inventory, cost and budgets


The main goals of the pizza company are to establish the presence on the market and attract customers in order to support the sales and marketing operations. It is essential to reach the healthy sales as soon as possible in order to have steady sales in few years. It is also important to expand the distribution of the product among business corporations and companies as well as local families. The secondary goals as hiring professional workers and creating specific work atmosphere is important as it would have the direct impact on the quality of the product and customer satisfaction.

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There could be different reason why people want to order pizza. The main reason is to satisfy hunger during the working day or enjoy it with family members. People can also order pizza in order to have fun and pleasant meal with friends. It could be the solution for the romantic evening for some couples. The important thing for the company is to satisfy and provide positive emotions for customers who would like to eat pizza with the delivery service. It does not matter who the clients are, it is more important that the Domino’s Pizza has the opportunity to give to the customers the positive feelings and nice service. Our service includes four sizes of the high quality pizza with different combination of the ingredients. Moreover, we will provide the customers with soda and breadsticks. All of these, the client could order over the phone and get in thirty minutes. The fast delivery option is one of the competitive advantages of the company.


Our main food facility will be located in the center of the city in order to provide the fast delivery in any point of the city. We will rent the first-floor separated restaurant with the office rooms. There will be space for kitchen, where the pizza will be prepared; space for phone operators, who will be taking orders; separated rooms for management and financial departments. There will be also room for the senior manager and little conference hall for meetings and dealing with problems. The appropriate place will be designated for the customers who would like to eat pizza in the restaurant.

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Market analysis summary

The future development of the any business is the right marketing campaign. The further growth for Domino’s Pizza can be achieved with smart and proper marketing solutions. All of them should fit demands of the residents of Geneva. The fact that Geneva has many international organizations says that the city is the world financial center. There are a lot of business organizations and corporations. The population of the city is approximately 192,000 people. It is important to notice that 44% of the population is foreigners who are more likely to prefer the international fast food meals. It is a good opportunity for pizza delivery business to offer its service to the residents of the city. Moreover, the population of the city is going to grow in accordance with the development of the economy in the region.

Market segmentation

The people who want to enjoy the pizza in their apartment or have the meal during the working time are the primary target market of the company operations. The secondary target market is part of the population that would like to eat pizza in the comfortable place for dine-in pizza. The primary target market could be divided to three segments: working class, family-oriented customers and youth. Thus, the four customer groups have been identified:

  • Working class
  • Family-oriented customers
  • Youth
  • Dine-in

It is necessary to undermine that these customer groups will be ordering pizza during working time, celebration, pleasant evening time, or other time that can be combined with eating pizza.

Market Group Time Slot Size of Market
Working class 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. 12036
Family-oriented customers 5 P.M. to 9 P.M. 19558
Youth 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. 9027
Dine-in 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. 9528
Total All time slots 50150


The total figure of 50150 people is the approximate number of people in Geneva who could probably enjoy the service and products of Domino’s Pizza. However, this marketing analysis does not mean that all of the 50150 people would like to eat pizza. 

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Market analysis

    Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5  
Potential Customers Growth           CAGP
Working class 2% 12,036 12,227 12,518 12,759 13,000 2.00%
Family-oriented customers 4% 19,558 20,340 21,122 21,904 22,686 4.00%
Youth 2% 9,027 9,207 9,387 9,567 9,747 2.00%
Dine-in 1% 9,528 9,623 9,718 9,813 9,908 1.00%
Total 2.49% 50,150 51,397 52,745 54,043 55,341 2.49%

Target Market Segment Strategy

The goal of the company is to offer the food for all segments of the market segmentation. It is vital to fill the restaurant facility with clients and establish the delivery full-powered delivery campaign. In order to achieve this, we have to spread the information about our opening and delivery options. There is no any other company that can deliver order faster than thirty minutes. Many local fast food restaurants do not include the pizza as a main menu item. Some of them do not provide the family atmosphere and do not make the delivery.

Market needs

Geneva is a busy city with the well developed economy. It demands from the companies that provide any service the great accuracy in order to save time. The city needs the reliable food delivery with the stable prices on the products. The market is overloaded with the fast food of the dubious quality. The fast food companies could not provide decent and high quality of the products due to the wide assortment of the produced products. The population needs something with the narrow production and with high quality food. People of Geneva need the high quality food during any time of the day.

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Service business analysis

There are several ways how the customers of the Domino’s Pizza could enjoy the pleasant and delicious pizza:

  • Order over the phone with delivery option
  • Order the table and food in the restaurant in advance
  • Come to the restaurant and eat there during the working time of the facility
  • Come to the restaurant and order pizza with “take out” option

There are no any limitations in the ordering pizza by age. In any time, our customers will be served by friendly employees. There are also various assortments of pizza ingredients and size that would be affordable for the modest budget. The loyal and constant customers will be rewarded with the discounts. While other fast food facilities can be limited by the availability of some food items, our service can all the time satisfy the clients with all food items that are included in menu.    

Competitive analysis

The industry of food production is one of the most rapidly growing businesses all over the world. The fast food industry occupies large and small cities in any countries. The market is filled with the multinational players which are active in the spreading of their food facilities and services. The availability of the raw ingredients for fast food restaurants made the invasion of this business in any country possible. Despite the fact that fast food could cause some damage to the health of human body, the consumption of the fast food products continue to grow. All over the world, due to the globalization and western influence, the populations change their eating habits. It is the opportunity for such food company as Domino’s Pizza to expand its food production and services. However, it is not only one company that expanded its operations internationally.

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Main competitors 

The major players in the fast food industry are: McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, different coffee facilities and local fast food restaurants. The direct competitors of the Domino’s Pizza are: Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. However, Pizza Hut and some other fast food companies were closed due to the lack of investors and customers. There is Rolling Pizza that could make a major competition. However, there are many people who complain about the late delivery. Thus, Domino’s Pizza could be the one real player on the market among companies with the pizza delivery service.

Strategy and implementing summary 

The strategy of our company is bringing the satisfaction to our customers through fast delivery and the quality of food. It is also important to provide for our customer the wide range of the menu items. We are looking to propose for the customers a new choice in fast food industry. We will try to satisfy all segments of the city’s population. Our goal is to offer the decent service.

Competitive edge

The competitive edge of our business is to be the first fast food company with the best service in the delivery of the pizza. We have to be first in Geneva who produces pizza in a friendly environment with the perfect delivery experience for our customers. We have all necessary equipment, qualified workers and thought-out strategy that will provide the high sales for the company. Our service with the fast delivery option is a convenience approach in the attempt to satisfy the customers.

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Marketing plan 4P’s

The customer can go to Domino’s Pizza where the food is the basic and core product of the company. The company should provide good taste of the product. It also should be accompanied with the great service and dining experience. In Geneva the company has to maintain the position on the market with the product innovations and service standards. It has to maintain the reputation of a company which delivers the product in thirty minutes. It offers the customers the wide range of the menu items with the unique taste of the product.

The place is important for the food facility in order to be maximum available for the customers and provide marketing channels. It is important to choose the place in order to deliver the product to the customer properly. The company applies push strategies in order to sell products to the customers. Domino’s Pizza uses the dealers with promotional schemes.

There is a strategy with the price. It is important to use the marketing budget on the discounts, special offers and price cuts in order to fight with the increased competition. It is vital for the company to reward the loyal customers. The pizza delivery business has to have the constant promotion. It is essential to offer for the customers the high quality and uniqueness of the product and establish the competitive advantage like the fast delivery of Domino’s Pizza. The proper advertizing campaign should be arranged for the proper promotion of the company. Nowadays, the technology like Internet allows organizing the online sells. It is a new way to establish the promotional channels.

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Organizational plan

The organizational plan of the company will include all operations that are necessary for the promotion of the company business and its successive operations. There are operations that have to be accomplished by the senior managers:

  • Establish the priorities of work operations and organizational structure
  • Accomplish all operations on time with the proper focus on one task
  • Proper distribution of responsibilities         
  • Ensure clearance of goals for investors
  • Break down the large projects to the small ones
  • Control the whole process of production and see the total picture of where the company is moving

Production plan

The purpose of the opening a new Domino’s Pizza in Geneva is to make profit. In order to accomplish this goal the company should invest in productive asserts and use them with the great efficiency. This asserts include labor, equipment, food material and tooling. The strategy is to provide the work process with all the necessary conditions in order to satisfy the demands of the customers. The work operations have to be placed in the particular order for providing efficient production process.  

Financial plan

In order to start operations the company needs to invest $50,000. We expect to have the profit in the first year and increase it in few years due to the establishment of the customer base. The investment will be spent on the rent, marketing, insurance, wages, renovation, purchase of the necessary equipment, stationary and others expenses. In other words, it will be investing for the purpose to organize the proper work space. With each year the profit will be growing and it will lead to the further expansion of the work place. The first year will bring $24,000 despite the difficulties in the firstly months.

  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Expenses 50,000 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000
Revenues 24,000 29,000 35,500 41,000 50,500
Net profit   5,000 11,500 17,000 26,500



There is a serious increase in the obesity rate among the population of the world. The health concerns push people to avoid fast food products. Moreover, the experience of the Pizza Hut and other fast food companies that closed in the Switzerland showed that population of this country prefer other type of food. There is also increase in price on the raw materials for pizza that could affect the prices of the pizza. There is no clear evidence that the company would satisfy all clients with the fast delivery. More serious competitor can join the market and make the negative influence on the customer market. It could be the challenge to meet the customer expectation over time.

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The opening of the Domino’s Pizza in Geneva is an opportunity for the owners to have the profit and the bank loan will be paid in the second year. The absence of the strong competitors will allow getting more customers. As a result, it will lead to the fast growth of the net profit and customer loyalty. The risks and the analysis of the competitors showed that the Domino’s Pizza in Geneva is a good business project to invest in.


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