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This site is about a civil engineer’s work. This site discusses into details the paintings of a civil engineer. Under this a civil engineer plans, supervises and then directs the development of different systems of buildings, bridges, roads and water providing systems. This topic is well described in this site because it has outlined the requirements of a civil engineer and the engineer’s activity outlook. It has also given the civil engineer’s income expectations and its effects. Other ways in which this site discusses this topic include the civil engineering resume, jobs, consultant employment, salary and the company.

This site is important to an individual who is researching about a specific group of civil engineers. This is because it is about a group known as the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The page has outlined the mission of the group as to advance the professional knowledge and to improve civil engineering practice.

This group has outlined the educational activities, policies, new programs and its professional resources that help the civil engineers to meet this profession’s demands. This site has given other comprehensive online tools which can be used to locate all the disciplines of civil engineering.



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This web page is about Coromandel Engineering Company which is a part of the Murugappa group which is a respected business house in India. This company has numerous novels about engineering techniques and it was the first to present a pre-engineered metal building system in India. The site indicates its present work as the general contractor in factories and buildings because it gives real estate development outcome as it is indicated in this site.

The company’s history has been outlined clearly in this site. It has also indicated and discussed into details the aims of the Coromandel Company now and in the near future. It has also indicated the general civil engineering industry challenges and those of the company alone.

This site outlines the details about a particular building in South Africa which is specified in green color. The details are about how this building has shown a lot of maturation as it is demonstrated by its increasing number of engineers, architects and the product suppliers who have shown interests in this sector. According to this site this building has been recommended by most people in SA. It has also shown how an urban house should look like and also its contractors have been recommended as among the best professionals in civil engineering. The site also indicates how the government would chip in to build other green buildings that would promote the civil engineering industry.

The site discusses into details what the painting of an engineer entails. It indicates what civil engineers do to secure their profession. A civil engineer plans, designs, supervises and directs the construction of structures that are similar to others such as the roads, bridges and other buildings.

The sites also states the requirements of a civil engineer such as the licence, technologcal and mathematical skills in order to perfect this profession. It has indicated how the society depends on the work of a civil engineer and the salary expectations of a civil engineer has also been discussed.

The site indicates not only the activities of a civil engineer in a construction but also the roles of the architects, the foremen and other workers. It outlines them in details such that even those people without any idea about the work of an engineer gets to know it right away.

It has outlined the ways in which one should follow in order to get ready for the profession of the civil engineering as an occupation. It outlines the purpose of a civil engineer which concerns building or construction. The author also gives the nature of what accommodates a building.

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This site describes civil engineering as one of the oldest branches of the engineering field. It indicates the roles of a civil engineer from creating, assembling to dealing with various kinds of the public techniques.

The site has indicated that civil engineering is a large field and it has outlined its sub fields which are then well discussed. It has stated the duties that make civil engineers to be relied on by the society. This site has indicated some of the places where civil engineers mostly get employed such in major industries and towns. It has encouraged the undergraduates and has given reasons as to why they should enroll in civil engineering as the field of study.


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