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Security issues have increased in the last five decades with every area of human-live, and activities demanding it for various reasons. In the attempt to address these issues, organizations and individuals, have established mechanisms and measures to ensure they enjoy a secure environment. These measures focus on personal and property protection (ASIS International, 2005). There are two broad categories of security services that a company or an individual can contract. This includes the proprietary and contractual security.

Proprietary security guard services are the services acquired through the employment of personnel guards in an organization. These guards are direct employees to the concerned employers and hence they fall under control of the company (Fischer, Halibozek & Green, 2008). They particularly work under the security department of an organization to meet precise security needs of the company.

This form of security may be extremely expensive as the company purchases its own equipment and tools, as well as, training the security guards and the department. On the other hand, proprietary security may not be incredibly effective and efficient for valuable such as monies in transit (Fischer, Halibozek & Green, 2008). They can only be appropriate for large organizations, which can establish a whole security system for its diverse and extensive assets.

Contractual security services or guards are out sourced by a company or an individual from professional security companies. Such security providers posses their own equipments, security guards and have established their own systems. The services offered by these guards fall under the control of the security company while the services tend to be standardized for every client.

Contractual security guards services are usually cheaper to acquire than proprietary security. The uniforms, training, sick and leave expenses are the responsibility of the security company (ASIS International, 2005). They are extremely effective for transit services for expensive and liquid assets such as, gold and cash. For example, G4s security offers transit security all over the world. The security personnel in such companies are experts in that their training is extensive guided by modern needs of security.


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