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Free «Consumption and the Media» Essay Sample

Conspicuous Consumption

This is when there is spending of resources on items that are not necessarily acquired for the economic progress but rather as a show off for wealth. Most of these lavish spenders are inclined to making their mark in society felt by acquiring or sustaining a social status through wealth (Markham, 2010).

Influence of Conspicuous Consumption on Purchasing Decisions

The more households acquire extra income to spend the more they are inclined into conspicuous consumption to cement their place in the social classes. However, this may not apply to the rich only as even poorer people indulge in conspicuous consumption in the bid to shun off thoughts by others that they cannot afford.

A High-Priced Item and the Influence of Conspicuous Consumption

A thought of high-priced item is when the decision is made to buy a gold watch instead of a normal one that serves the same purpose. Gold items are expensive but in the bid to exert class with the society and have people notice, conspicuous consumption comes into play (Markham, 2010).



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Conspicuous Leisure

Through the same terms as conspicuous consumption, conspicuous leisure is intended for the outstanding display that should make people notice the social class. This manner of spending time is sometimes regarded as being a wasteful it could rather be used for economic gain. A popular leisure activity that most people enjoy is going on vacations. Though there are modest ways of doing it, some engage in overly done activities that take them to exotic places with exaggerated indulgences and prices. This makes it a reserve for the rich people with an eye on climbing the social class (Markham, 2010).


This is a process by which world trends in terms of economies, cultures and societal ideations such as politics become integrated through constant links of trade, transport and communication.

When certain ideas get well received by society and practiced on mutual grounds then that becomes popular culture. However, globalization plays a constant role of changing what has already been set as popular culture. For instance, American popular culture has had immense influence on the world culture through the as is strongly evidenced through music and fashion. Moreover, the exchange of culture has not stopped America from importing ideas which are brought in by immigrants to influence their culture (Markham, 2010).

Analysis of an Advertisement

The advert that is in mind refers to the Apple Inc. which uses the mass media to reach its customers. The media message is in reference to making Apple products the most sought in the United States and the rest of world. The media message was created by the creative and marketing department within Apple Inc. and intended for the audience that already understood the advantages of using Apple products. The age group for the intended audience cuts across the board as the company seeks to recruit even the old timers into the realms of technology. Though the age is not limited, the lifestyle is represented to imply that the products are meant for the technologically savvy individuals who prefer to lead their lives in an organized manner. These messages can have a cultural influence on society as they set a new system of doing things that will eventually bring cultural change (Markham, 2010).


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