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Free «Home health economics» Essay Sample
Human health always begins at home. The capability of the family to protect its members from all the possible dangers that the environment might bring to its members is a huge help in pointing out the capability of the entire home to support the health issues and needs of its members. Considerably, it is through this that an entire community also appears to be more empowered to protect its people when the homes go hand in hand in protecting the members of their own family hence giving support to the entire society in their aim of providing fine assistance to the health status of each individual living in the society. In the paper that follows, understanding how home health is continuously given attention by the government shall be discussed and presented to give a clear perceptive approach in explaining how the willingness of the homes and the capabilities of the government come together in assuring that everything in the society becomes possibly considerable especially in increasing the health status of each individual living in the community. But first to know is the reality behind the existence of home health and how it actually affects the stand of the nation’s economy.

What Is Home Health?

Home health is primarily based on the different measures taken by each home to protect the health of their members. It could be observed that this is a strong matter that has been given attention by the governments for a long time already. Why so much attention and why so much assistance? The government believes that protecting the health of the population is one of the most if not the top most priority that is clearly understood to give the boost towards the progress that the society wants to earn. Since it is noted to be highly important to understand how the situation of the health status of every individual is, the government provides each family the chance to give themselves and each member the chance to provide the support that they need to keep on to remain strong enough to face the different challenges in life as primary subjects of success and progress towards social advancement. This increases the capability of the whole nation to walk towards progress since the people in the community are rather empowered enough to work their way along with the aim of considering their responsibility in the communities that they are living in. In considering this particular understanding about home health, it is important to understand the different branches of this executive section of concern for the government hence gaining a fine understanding as to how the financing of the said need is supported by the local administration having governance over the communities providing the health home assistance services. The branches included in this particular service are: %uF0D8 Family Planning Programs Population control is the primary focus of most family planning programs.
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It could not be denied that because of the need to control the number of the people living within a society to avoid the scarcity of the resources that are available in the human environment right now. Besides that, the family planning programs are also focused in assuring that every member of the family receives the best health attention that they need to be able to progress physically as much as needed. %uF0D8 Pediatric Health Programs Taking care of the children is the same as taking care of the future of a nation. Assuring that these young ones are actually given the right attention that they need to be able to grow much healthier and much capable of facing the new challenges that they have to meet later on, the government then needs to give them the assurance that they are protected and they are to grow healthy through giving them and their families the chance to avail of the most important resources that they need to survive which particularly increases the health protection that they need to face their lives later on. These vaccinations are considered important and essential for the growth of the young ones are still waiting for their lives to come in front of them. Apparently, it is believed that through these procedures, the government is able to save more in terms of the future due to protecting the young ones now and giving them the health care protection they need today allowing them to become much stronger and much comprehensive in facing the challenges later on saving the government millions of money from giving health insurance assistance to those who have been kept healthy through the years. %uF0D8 Public Health Insurance Programs There are several public health programs that are created to make a huge difference on the process by which the public becomes able to gain access form the different health needs that they are supposed to receive as individuals living and supported in a society. It could be observed that through these particular issues in concern, the health of the people becomes the primary concern of focus. It could be considered that through these programs, besides protecting the health of the people, they are also establishing a higher number of more competent workers in the future who are more able to handle physical challenges because of being in a much healthier state. %uF0D8 Home Health Care Services for the Elderly and the Sick Proving the elderly and the sick the support that they need to be able to survive their situations or even at least be eased from the current events that they need to deal with. Being sick or being old at that really brings about the chances of being depressed for many individuals.
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With this truth in mind, it could be observed that the importance of giving them the care that they need to recover and find the right kind of attention that they are worth receiving. Through the programs provided and funded by the government, these individuals who are in dire need of being attended to are considered to be among the most important list of the people who are given careful assistance by the local administrations of the communities that are likely most involved in seeing the progress of the recovery and the betterment of the health situation of the patients being given careful assistance. Home health programs are naturally designed to make a great impression on the process by which the country handles the health of the people in support of the responsibility that every family has towards their members. These particular understandable reasons are the very foundation of the major implicative matters by which the government tried to create the programs that are aimed to protect the right of every individual to health and life. Through empowering the home health programs, the government intends to give the people a chance to receive their needed attention for health and better life. It could be considered that through pursuing these particular programs, the government assures itself of a better future, a better tomorrow that is lead and empowered by more healthy individuals. Believably, the health of the people is the basis of a new found strength for every generation as per expected and foreseen by every government to face a new era of challenges. True, it is through this process of empowering the people that the cycle of economic release and returns could be identified and believed to be effective in assuring that each individual is equipped with the right health protection that they need to serve as primary key role takers in serving as the primary workers of progress for the society that they are living in. To understand this particular matter further, the following paragraphs shall discuss the different points of consideration that explains the understanding needed to make it a point that the realization of health is supported and resulted well so as to fuel up the progress that each individual and even the entire nation needs to realize.

Supporting Home Health and the Economy

THE annual cost of health care in the United States has skyrocketed to $400 billion, many times more than it was in the 1970’s! Not only do rising medical costs threaten the financial security of families but they also take a tremendous slice from business profits. For employee health-insurance premiums alone, businesses in the United States pay out over $80 billion a year! (American Hospital Association. Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, 21) Ford Motor Company, for example, estimates that during 1980 the cost of health care for employees added $290 to the price of each automobile. General Motors spends in a year more money on health insurance and disabilities than for steel from the USX Corporation (formerly U.S. Steel), one of its principal suppliers.( Society for Healthcare Strategy, Market Development of the American Hospital Association, 14) It is estimated that backaches alone are costing U.S. business firms $1 billion a year in lost productivity. Because of ailments such as this, as many as a million American workers fail to report for work each day. Especially devastating is heart disease. About 700,000 Americans—many in the prime of life—die of a heart attack every year while another 700,000 survive such an attack and may miss work for months afterward. The cost to business is tremendous. “A single employee who undergoes quadruple [heart] bypass,” explains Dr. Richard H. Stein, “is going to cost the employer, depending on salary base, conceivably up to $100,000. An all-encompassing disease prevention program for an entire corporation could cost less. I think the possibility of reducing the burden for corporations makes good economic sense.” (as quoted by Al-Assaf, 47) Indeed, as constantly carried in consideration by the governments around the world, health is among the vital factors making up a strong foundation in a community. This is why as soon as the Health insurance programs as well as healthcare agencies were established, every business organization there is that employs several personnel are encouraged by the government to apply for healthcare benefits for their employees. In this regard, an important question is supposed to be answered, what are the legal bases of the agencies that provide health care and where do they get their authority?

The International Health Insurance

The International Health Insurance

is a healthcare agency that is established in the United Kingdom, which aims to host healthcare benefits for people traveling and working outside their own countries. The United Nations Organization has so far supported this agency, as they are able to give healthcare assistance to those who are not in their own countries. From the UNO, the said agency is able to operate well with regards to the services they ought to provide the public. For instance, some workers abroad meet accidents that are not connected to their works or employment, the insurance agency is able to give up to 50% of hospital and medical assistance to the said victims of accidents. To be able to fund their provisions for their clients, several respected and trusted International Medical Insurers support them.
In this regard, the funds are well provided thus making the services of the said agency highly recommended for people planning to travel abroad.

Health Care Authority

Unlike the International Health Insurance, Health care Authority (HCA) is an American based healthcare provider agency. This agency has been established by the American government to provide affordable healthcare services as well as medicines. The system of funding ids based upon the contributions that enrolled clients give every month. The system is that every enrolled client is expected to give at least $17 contribution every month from his or her salary. Then when emergencies come, the expenses that are to be issued to the patients who happen to be enrolled in the agency are to be paid by the said healthcare provider regardless of how much the contributions given by the enrollees are. Aside from this, the medicines provided by the said agency to the hospitals and to several clinics are lower than the usual price making them more affordable for the patients to attain.

Where Authority Comes From

True, as mentioned earlier in the first paragraphs, governments around the world are allowing healthcare agencies to take over some healthcare rules that are supposed to be given to company owners who employ several workers. In the American region, President George W. Bush implemented the necessary ground rules that require the business companies within the American territories to enroll their employees on certain healthcare agencies that are available through some government applications. This is based upon the Public Employees Benefit Board of PEBB, which serve s as a basis protection for employees in any genre of work. True, health is a vital part of any growing economy. To be able to ensure any community’s growth, it is important for governments to provide the necessary healthcare provisions for their people. In this way, they are also ensuring their economy’s foundation in the future.


The efforts of the government today are sure to bring in life to the people in the future. IT could be understood that with the willingness of the government to support several health home programs that they know they are in need of assisting, the people become well protected and well equipped with the right health assistance that they need to survive their lives in the future while being able to fuel up the progress needed by the whole country. Mandating the need of the government to support the need of the people is an important measure of success of a nation hence, through this, the home health programs are surely certain matters of concentration that need to be given constant attention and funding to assure every nation the fine future that each country awaits.

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