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Knowledge management involves the things done in an organization by the management team in an effort to improve the efficiency of managing the organization. Some of the activities carried out in knowledge management include identifying, making, representing, issuing, and enabling the implementation of experiences that apply to management. The experiences and insights used in the knowledge management may include things like knowledge of performing different activities by and individual or the organization at large. Many organizations use the knowledge management concept in making sure that the objectives they set are achieved and the employees work in an innovative manner.

This applies to the IT department, the human resource, the management and the marketing departments. This gives the company a competitive advantage over its competitors, as they are able to plan and increase the level of innovation in the organization. The knowledge management team also tries to share the experiences of the senior personnel in the company with the juniors in an effort to increase their experience (Ishikawa & Naka, 2007). Knowledge management is an important tool for any organization, not only in sharing of information and ideas, but also in using it as a strategic tool. The knowledge on management is acquired though several means and the most common one is by doing the knowledge management related activities.



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This gives the person a chance to know what it entails first hand. There are different strategies that can be used by an organization and one of them is the push strategy. This is where the employees learn to share their knowledge and experience through things like databases. The use of a repository is common in such cases. The pull strategy is also another way of gaining the knowledge management skill. In this case, the person who needs information goes and asks the person with the experience about their work and the knowledge they have gained so far (Russ, 2010). The people who have such knowledge are mostly the senior managers and the juniors go to them to ask for advice and guidance. The other ways of passing the knowledge can be trough motivation and project learning, where those with sufficient knowledge are placed in the same groups as those without the experience. This way they get to learn as they do the projects.

Globalization has had different impacts on different organization. This is one of the factors that affect the strategies of a company. The companies have to change their strategies in order to create space for the changes in resource allocation, information and technology use. All this came about because of globalization, which has allowed companies and organizations to share information and reach international markets. Companies have to shift from the traditional strategies targeting a local market, to strategies that can enable them to fit into the global market. There are many opportunities for the businesses in the global market and they have to make sure they have the right strategies to get them the resources, needed to explore new markets (Lytras, 2008).

Globalization has opened up new opportunities for businesses, but at the same time has led to an increase in the level of competition. There are many businesses providing similar goods and services. This means that a business has to adapt to unique strategies that can enable it to outdo the competitors. The organization will require a strategy that will affect its internal structure in a positive manner and shift its attention towards handling the challenges that come with exploring new markets and dealing with a new competitive environment (Frappaolo, 2002).

Strategies used by businesses have to keep up with the international standards used by competing businesses. This is something that will help the business reduce its weaknesses and build its strengths. The business or organization has to make decisions that will increase its effectiveness and efficiency in dealing with the changing trends in the global markets. The changing technology also affects how the company strategizes. Technology use is now common in many organizations and its use keeps on changing. This means that the company has to keep checking what is new in the use of technology in order to keep up with the trends. This affects the strategies of a company, as it has to leave out some space for adapting new things in its long-term strategies.

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In the past, organizations used labor-intensive methods in production of goods and services, this changed with the introduction of technology and companies shifted to technology intensive behaviors. Some of the changes that occurred due to this shift include specialization. People are now working in departments where each one has the best qualification in the field. The organization now focuses on putting people with certain qualification in the same departments in an effort to increase the levels of outputs (Brooking, 1999). The other change is seen in the management is seen in the workforce diversity. Nowadays it is not strange to find people from different countries with different religious and ethnic backgrounds working together. This is because technology allows for integration of talents form different places. There has been a lot of temperedness as people shift from one job to the other. There is decreased employee loyalty as compared to the past where an employee could serve in the organization all his professional life. Nowadays people shift form one job to the other in search for better pay and working conditions. The businesses focus on improving the innovative skills and productivity levels through constant training. This is because there is an increasing need to improve the knowledge and skills of the employees in an effort to keep up with the changes seen in the environment.


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