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Executive Summary

The business deals with sportswear imported from Pakistan and sold to the UK stores. This is a partnership company whose intention is to supply UK stores with sportswear in friendly prices. The company has a vision opening its own retail stores with a large amount of loans once the demand rises. Sportswear is one of the recess parts of the retail trade and is experiencing steady growth.  The products supplied by the company include clothes worn during and even after all sporting activities and other facilities used in sports. The company distributes and markets active outdoor footwear, accessories, apparel, and equipment. The business aims at bringing innovation and inspiration to all participants in various sporting activities internationally.

The company is managed by Board of directors. The corporate Governance committee of the company evaluates and considers candidates for the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). While evaluating candidates for appropriateness, the committee takes into account several factors to identify people with indispensable education, intelligence, character, and experience to significantly contribute to the Board of directors.



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Market Competitors

There is a big competition facing the company from other competitors such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, and Fila, among others. Nike is the world’s top innovator in apparel, athletic footwear, accessories and equipment (Nike, n.d.).  Because of its popularity, Nike will be a great competition to this partnership company. Another competitor expected is the Adidas Company, which is also one of the biggest companies that enjoy large market. One of the major aims of Adidas is football kits and related equipment (Adidas, n.d). Adidas has remained to be the major company that supplies team kits for both local and international teams. It manufactures and designs accessories and sports clothing and distribute the internationally.

The company also faces competition from Reebok Company. Reebok is the global brand that manufactures and markets lifestyle and sports products established upon a strong authenticity and heritage in sports and fitness for both men and women categories. The brand is dedicated to marketing programs and designing products that reflect inventiveness and the wish to continually challenge the status quo (Rebook, n.d.). Puma Company also gives competition to this partnership. Puma is a multinational company, which produces footwear, athletic shoes, and other sportswear. It is popularly known for its football boots; it has sponsored acclaimed footballers.

Sales and Marketing

Finding the precise marketing strategies to employ has constantly been a challenging job for small businesses. However, the increasing number of marketing channels accessible today makes it even hard to identify the finest marketing strategies to establish a business (Joshi, 2005).

The company intends to connect with customers through several channels by working with Sports Marketing, Regional marketing, Digital Marketing, Event Marketing, and the company’s field representatives. The company aims to invest time hoping for new business every week. This will help the company allure more customers. It intends to assign a specific amount of time to search for new business opportunities whether it is completely new or within the current account.

The company intends to expand its reach. This can be done getting the sales team to brainstorm new customers and industries they can target for their sports clothing. Another marketing strategy employed by the company is the point of sale marketing, normally referred as point of purchase advertising, attracts retail buyers at the point of purchase. This strategy lures buyers into purchasing products at checkout. Point of sale marketing uses display to attract the attention of the shoppers (Kurtz, 2010). Displays may range from banners and signs to video advertisements and coupon dispensers at the cash register.

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Sales promotion is a marketing strategy designed to make sales for a product over a specified period of time. The outcomes of sales promotion actions are quantifiable in terms of the number of contest entrant, numbers of coupon redeemed, number of units sold, or other quantifiable measures. The mechanisms of sales promotion comprise a variety of marketing techniques, discount activities and Cents-off coupons, logoed merchandise, sweepstakes and contests product sampling, and in-store security materials are all sales promotion approaches designed to create a measurable result on sales. These sales promotion activities have distinct start and end time, and their result must be measurable (Rajagopal, 2007).

Sales promotions are frequently developed for internal sales staffs or for the trade industry. Manufacturers sometimes generate sales promotions to improve sales activity amid distributors or brokers with the objective of filling a warehouse with products or even moving products out of the warehouse. Sales promotions are frequently conducted internally between sales workforce, with a bonus or a high-value prize as an inducement to get sales numbers up.

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Workers and Their Skills

An international sportswear and lifestyle company located near Stockport Centre implies that the it has a Customer Service prospect working for their sportswear apparel department. The company provides an excellent benefits and salary package for its workers. Workers are grouped according to the departments they operate. Customer service advisors take incoming calls, process telephone, speak to customers concerning forthcoming events and promotion, build rapport with regular consumers, place orders for samples, and liaise with distributors. A customer service advisor ideally comes from the same setting with customer services.

The company hires workers with good communication, analytical and research skills, multicultural sensitivity, computer literacy, adaptability, interpersonal abilities, management skills, creativity, and teamwork. There are also personal values expected from every worker, which include honesty, morality, flexibility, dedication, reliability, loyalty, positive attitude, professionalism, and self-confidence. Each employer is looking for a defined set of skills from employees that match the skills essentially to perform a specific job. However, beyond these specific technical skills, some skills are universally sought by the company. The good news is that many job-seekers have these skills to some degree. Job-seekers and employees with weaknesses in these fields can advance their skills through professional development, training, or obtaining mentoring from somebody who understands these skills (Randall & Katharine, 2012).

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The company will import sportswear clothing and other sporting accessories from Pakistan and sale it to UK stores. The operation involves strategizing on how to place orders, payment process, and shipping of the goods to the designated locations. The operations of the company are divided into order placement, shipping, sales and marketing, and distribution operation. Each operation is carried under the supervision of departmental managers. Once the goods have been purchased and imported, sales and marketing manager will oversee that necessary strategies are employed to attract more customers. The manager also ensures that regular customers and potential customers are well-served. After identifying the targeted UK stores, the distribution process begins.

Financial Forecast

Financial forecast is a forecast of the predictable financial position and the outcomes of cash flows and operations based on anticipated conditions (The Free Dictionary, n.d). Based on the current market demand of sportswear and accessories, the company expects a future increase in the company’s financial outcome. There is a very high chance that the company will grow financially according to the sales data, and economic and external market indicators. The sales of the company are expected to increase in future as a result of high demand for the products in the market. The company focuses on luring more customers in future through well-planned marketing strategies. Historical data indicates a rise in market demand, which raises the sales of the company. A continuous cash flow is also anticipated in the company. Although there is a great competition from other companies, the company has strategized in a way that its competitors will not influence the company’s success. Consequently, more profit is expected the company. 


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