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Maritime services have expanded around 1980-1981 and has developed a quality way of moving transit goods and services all around the world. In addition, worldwide acceptance of marketing and development of international relations has been a most formidable aspect which has promoted the need to have a quality transport service company like Maritime Container Services. Maritime container terminals provide services to all respected partners and other customers who wish to utilize their services and facilities.


Maritime still is one of the leading Container Services Company in Sydney, and managed by Graham Wright. It’s one of the oldest companies in the region that is managed by internally management in Sydney but not by international corporations from other countries. Since its inception in 1973, Maritime Container Services had grown and surpassed into the international markets from the days when there was no containers in Australia in 1968. The nature of their products like the containers themselves, their facilities, management, and support stakeholders all of these have been the reason behind their quality reliable services. Furthermore, they have traversed in the globe to the United States of America, Canada and most of the Asian continent which are partners with Maritime and have the advantages of using their facilities and services, (Cudahy, 2006).



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Therefore in this research, study will emphases on the growth of the company called Maritime Container Services, its inception in the marketing industry, transport destination services networking facilities which have helped the company to explore its potential in dominating transport in the international nations like the North American. Corporation like Maritime Container Services has got partners and stakeholders who daily invest in the company services in order to help the company to develop and to be one of the leading transport services in Sydney and the entire nation of Australia. Fortunately, its proximity to one of the largest water bodies in the world as managed to place its headquarters in a strategically situated spot which is easier to access and move facilities and their containers. Advancement in technology also has made it possible for the company to offer their services in a timely fashion and this has also managed to create good working relationship with their clients. Therefore, below in the thesis definition is the prefunding baseline for the following study in the quality development of the Maritime Container Services.

Development and Stakeholders of Maritime Container Services

Container services were first introduced in 1969 in the city of Sydney. This opportunity which rose in the later days enhanced motivation for the container services in order to develop their own transport systems which are independently owned. Therefore, in the early 1973, Maritime Container Services has started its activity. Its main transport services were in inland Sydney and its environs, but demand arose steadily for its services which lead to the transport company to expand its service routes into other nations and other cities. This development of the Maritime Container Services has developed a different class of transport in the business of containers, and good movement from one part of the country to another. Thus, the rise of Maritime Container Services has made it international, moreover almost global to the point of surpassing other international container services like the Maersk Transport Companies which offer competitive services to Maritime Containers around the globe.

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A company with the quality services that it offers and its development to achieve international standards recognition has got underlining stakeholders who provide support in a number of ways to its development agenda. Thus, the role played by these stakeholders have enhanced the company to develop, sale its services and implement different projects to enable its existence in the outside markets. The transport services which are being offered by Maritime Containers Services are more in the essence of transporting goods from one place to another, transport of empty containers if the customers or clients want to have the initial benefits for the safety of their properties and goods.

Apart from the transporting of vessels and goods, they offer other services in regard to their initial conception idea of moving goods and providing services for their clients in marketing their products. Likewise, the other services rendered are the engineering production of containers for other transport services who want mass production of containers. In the main, the most important services rendered are the rail servicing, road, container repairs and sales, off port container transporting and handling of merchandise among many other services which started in 1st October 1973. Therefore, from the above approach of the company transport and its services to its customers, there are many stakeholders who benefit from all these services more closely are the off ports and handling business clients whom exports and imports goods from the country and continent respective fully. 

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Factors that have influenced the Quality Development of Maritime Container Services

Strategic Servicing Personnel

Maritime Container Services is among the national transport servicing corporation that has an extremely qualified personnel and governance. Furthermore, Maritime Container Services has developed an internal development and training of its personnel in all the basic principles on how to handle its clients’ goods, service offering, security mechanism and responsiveness for customer goods and services. Maritime Container Services has enhanced the development of this ground braking training mechanism for its personnel in all the round perspective of developing a high class employee scheme, which only takes care of their clients and also flourishes the image of their stakeholders and the company in general. Maritime Container Services, as the company has developed a more project of curbing marketing and rebranding their services in the continuous challenging and competitive environments. This has improved its customer supply relationship hence promoting its quality.

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Supply Management

Maritime Container Services have a more comprehensive and capable supply team, with reliable developed transport facilities and resources. Although there are major competitors on the market of transport services, reengineering of containers and other rail servicing services, purchases of Maritime Container Services are concerned. It has a readymade network of delivery of raw materials and any other products that are useful to their daily functional development and performance of their industries and services. Fortunately it has ready developed production networks for their clients and service outlets all over the nation and the countryside, and this is another advantage in the field of services that the company has ready back up material and facilities if any of their facilities malfunctioned or broke down, (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 2008)

Technological Development

Maritime Container Services in the earlier stages of growth could not compete with others due to advanced technology the other companies used in supplying their services. Due to information technology awareness the company has equally developed resourceful organization which is capable to evolve competition of international status because of its incorporation of technology into its services. Fortunately, due to proper development of the information and communication networking technologies Maritime Container Services has managed to acquire IT professionals who have developed different levels of performance in the company. Company can trace their facilities; furthermore, provide internal protection of client details and other private data. Like in tracking down movement of goods by customers through in built circuit chips for the tankers and containers being transported from one field to another.

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Workforce Training Programs

In a broader perspective, it has managed to implement international training schemes which not only train its employees but also develop international trade mark for its customers and its staff among the managerial principles. This scheme has helped to bring an individual support groups for staff and other organization, thus if its member could be affected or struck by disaster the organization could help. Thus, the company has among the best employees and staff who can work around the clock in order to meet all deadlines and in the same time achieve exemplarily results.

Developed Facilities

Maritime Container Services with its engineered goods by their developed industries in the manufacturing industry has enabled the organization to acquire developed and durable facilities for moving them from one to another place; therefore, this has managed to produce desirable results for the container service company. Some of the facilities they have acquired have helped in transport development centers, national outlets like America and Canada, and other parts of African continent, and especially domestically development of transport booking and good handling centers, (Downie, 1969).

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Operational Challenges and Problems Facing Maritime Container Services

Has many economists could have defined the basic factors that affect both operations and productivity of an organization, they have managed to name the exact factors or problems which could have hindered the quality services which the Maritime Container Services have offered.

  • Capital/labor ratio. Measuring the proper utilization of resources such as capital, work force which are the backbones into running of the corporation, this can affect both the production and development of an organization. It is a challenge that has affected on the labor, performance and utilization of company resources.
  • Shortage of resources. The main ingredients in running a company include personnel, management aspects and many more. Therefore, these resources are vital in the development and facilitation of services that are offered; some scarcity of products can lead to challenge in service delivery.
  • Work-force changes. Different environments will have different motivations and effects on how employees and other staff work carry out their jobs, and this will affect work performance and turn out. Different schedules which are kept by employees can create different timetables, hence miscommunication of information and scheduling vitalities.
  • Innovations and technology. Technology will improve distribution, service quality and how fast the company can offer their services and products. Therefore, without advanced technology containers services will be disadvantaged globally.
  • Regulatory effects. Some companies which are partners may be affected by the regulations regarding how the Maritime Container Services run their company.
  • Bargaining power. Sometimes management can lack the power to influence their staff to work well under the restricted time and offering services by its employees whom sometimes want to raise in pay and wages.
  • Managerial factors. We may say having a committed manager can help; although changing the usual running of management will affect the corporation in its managerial plans.
  • Performance quality. Standardization of services will help motivate employees, but sometimes the service quality in other outlets affect employee motivation in the container services.

Problem Resolutions

In order to offer the quality services different criterion has been strategized to develop quality services.

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Valuable Control Systems

Maritime Container Services has enhanced the implementation of valuable and affordable measures in order to enhance the development of its quality measurement values in the process of providing developed goods and services to their clients. Through this introduction of real control measures schemes, performance and quality reliability can now be evaluated by the control agents of the organization throughout their services and transport outlets in the nation and in international boundaries like Canada, and the United States of America. Therefore, quality has made the company develop its brand image and status worldwide in the bigger perspective, (Notteboom, 2011).

Managerial Development Systems

Managerial development systems in the corporation has been the implementation in the capacity of changing the different and obvious ways of carrying out decisions in the running of the corporation; therefore different people of different levels in the organization have been replaced and other given promotions to head other outlets to define common agendas among the management staff in the company. Fortunately, the different aspects in the corporations that need to manage had all been replaced by qualified personnel and other individuals who have the right to develop the company like their predecessors.

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Services Management Systems

Service management systems that have been developed in the Maritime Container Services have enhanced the quality in which management of their properties and other amenities used by the corporation to develop their end use of facilities like their transport machines, maintenance of their service delivery facilities. These systems have focused their undivided attention towards the bigger picture of developing their resources to be durable toward the greater involvement in the transport industry. Therefore, with this service and quality management in the service delivery it has raised the management and delivery quality.

Record Control Management Systems

The record control management systems have been implemented through the incorporation of technology, moreover important company website has been developed to showcase their abilities and resources in their company website. Records have been supported with security mechanism since nobody are able to record data or copy information into the company records without proper clearance and reliable access. Thus, security of the company records is only now being checked by the merely available resourceful personnel; furthermore client information is private to the outside staff without clearance but to those who have permission it is accessible.

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Allocation Management and Supply Systems 

The allocation management and supply systems which have been introduced by the offshore transport stakeholders in order to develop a genuine schedule in which they are able to access transport and service from the corporation have been achieved. These systems have been used to define the deferent and many customers who have desired to use their services are now able to view or request their scheduled lists online, and they will be given reliable information regarding the supply and transport schedules, (Liu, 2009).


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