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Ogilvy Advertising Company

Ogilvy is a UK based global advertising company renowned for its hallmark thrust as a brand builder. Ogilvy has a distinguished thrust based on the utilisation of new technology in the domains of communications. The company explores new communication channels through creative innovations that yield significant marketing results. Ogilvy prioritises the consumer and thus the success of their thrust is based on consumer-satisfaction inclined concepts. Campbell, N. A. et al (2008) note that the company recognizes that the consumer in the contemporary world in control and there consumer insight is critically paramount and hence the recognition of the implications of diversity has become vital to its stratagem. The strategy of Ogilvy has been modeled to suffice in contemporary global business landscapes characterised by the need for cultural adaptability. Ogilvy strives on integrated communications thrusts in what they call 360 Degrees Brand Stewardship which for them denotes the willingness to make the most of the wide ranging set of tools and methods to comprehend, develop and optimize the connections between the target consumer and the brand.
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The 360 degree brand stewardship thrust is sustained at both local and global levels by Ogilvy which is used by the company to leverage and consolidate its position in the market by wooing top local and global clients as well top personal.


Ogilvy has done aggressive marketing and advertising for top brands such as IBM, Dove, Motorola, Cisco, and Nestle. Ogilvy’s creative portfolio taps from their strategy that simple ideas such as that a little boy's mind is like a new computer operating system become big ideas. These ideas are turned into ads, ads are turned into campaigns and campaigns translate to brands. The creative portfolios of the services offered by Ogilvy are based on inspiration from the needs of the consumers from around the world and are articulated through various media. As demonstrated through Ogilvy's IBM account, the advertising company's services profiling entails in its core positioning brands on both local and international markets.
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Middleton, V. T. C. & Hawkins, R. (2008) note that for IBM Ogilvy has managed to position the company as an innovative and approachable technology leader. The company has achieved the positioning of IBM through its 360 Brand Stewardship concepts applied across all the six continents. The 360 degrees concepts have managed to yield critical brand image consistency and successful campaigns further testified to by numerous industry accolades won by the company. The portfolio of Ogilvy also entails developing brand strategies that match companies’ business strategy. Ogilvy has helped companies like Cisco expand their brand footprint through strategic business acquisitions and reaching out to a wide target audience. Bradbury, I., Boyle, J. & Morse, A., (2002) note that earlier campaigns designed by Ogilvy were tailored to unleash to power of network. In 2006 Cisco intended to cash in on a market inflection where consumers were getting content as business generators. Ogilvy demonstrated its versatility in communications strategy integration by delivering the idea “Welcome to the Human Network" through well integrated global advertising thrust via TV, print as well digital media. The company also used public relations as well as internal and external events.

Ogilvy Vision and Values

The vision of Ogilvy is aptly, "To be the most valued by those who most value brands”. The company defines its values as follows; • Working for brands, in brand teams representing its own skills and those of its clients. • Encouraging individuals, entrepreneurs and inventive mavericks. • Valuing candor, curiosity, originality, intellectual rigor, perseverance, brains and civility. • Preferring the discipline of knowledge to the anarchy of ignorance (and expressing the preference by pursuing knowledge the way a pig pursues truffles') • Prizing both analytical and creative skills:" without the first, you can’t know where to g, without the second you won’t be able to get there." • Respecting the intelligence of its audiences. • Expecting its clients to hold it accountable for its stewardship of their brands, and its success to beer judged by making their brands more valuable to both users and owners.


The current positioning strategy of Ogilvy has been tailored to replace the old strategy which was found to be lacking in numerous aspects. The old strategy of the 1970s had the following pitfalls according to Bradbury, I., Boyle, J. & Morse, A., (2002); • Fragmented use of information • Time pressures • Lack of awareness of available information • Information overload • Financial Decentives (The requirement to provide a job each time a request was made meant to that users felt penalized for seeking information. • Current awareness as a key weakness • Value Added The company's positioning strategy in premised on the idea that knowledge and information can not be delegated but rather should constitute the core of one's job responsibility. By extension the driving force of the company’s positioning thrust derives from the understanding that that as sources and centers of information multiply individuals must take responsibility for being knowledgeable and identifying as well as establishing what information they need to acquire to feed their knowledge bases.

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