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Over and above my economics major, I have always had a lot of passion to improve my academic knowledge in order to fit many job openings and be more useful to the society. The EAP program is one that benefits many people by improving overall credibility and skills of communication among many others. In many cases learning institutions have a lot of programs that are aimed at attracting students. However, the United Kingdom posses a lot of successes in nurturing learners and scholars that goes out into the real world with very skilled minds.

Currently, many businesses face a lot of competition, and employers desire are employees that understand more about change management. Interpersonal dynamics and other factors affect performance results for many companies and University of Cambridge is becoming the only place to learn more and enjoy my economics major. The host institution lies in a country that has a very brilliant history. Academically, this will enable a change in academic learning environment and with this, my results will be extremely good.



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A major in economics surely will not be any good without going for this EAP program. This program will surely provide relevant aid that will complement my major in economics. With two types of support: pre-sessional and in-sessional surely this program will contribute a lot in shaping my academic knowledge in the economic field. In every academic institution such as the University of Cambridge, there normally is a given culture, which guides communication through to discipline and academic matters.

Maintaining communication requirements while in class and other presentations utmost require EAP. This course will make sure that there is perfect communication and a clear way of fitting or rather blending into the culture and living styles without any hustles.

The University of Cambridge majorly offers a wide range of courses that are required by employers across the world. In itself, it covers nearly all the major fields that are needed to bring impact on the global economy. It attracts a great number of students across the planet because of its credibility and high levels of discipline. Students in the university graduate with both degree certificates and content too.

In all these areas namely reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension my level of proficiency is excellent. Basically, there is no area that needs urgent improvement at all. The United Kingdom type of English is a national one that many people and learning institutions prefer to use all over the world. My educational goals on EAP are quite clear and straightforward. I am very strict in getting access to relevant materials and learning all the rules and regulations in order to minimize wastages of time and resources. I am also keen on the history of the institution so that my preparedness becomes fruitful. This will enable my stay become planned and with very positive goals and objectives to achieve.

In the United States, public governance is of great concern as is in the United Kingdom. There is a clear political path in both countries a condition that has promoted my decisions to push my academic levels in a country with a similar way of life. Both countries showcase stability in their economy and also politically. The UK has a very credible history record that interests people that visit this country even for other reasons. The place is known to produce the best students and scholars in the world and due to this however; I want to enjoy high quality education that exists around the world.

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My future goals are to elevate my economics major to higher levels that will solve economic problems that arise every day across many societies. My personal goals on EAP will surely come true. However, these goals will clearly develop immediately after understanding the way systems work within the University of Cambridge. This will keep all the frustrations of non-achievement of personal goals as much as possible.


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