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Sky net internet providers aim to provide instant solutions to internet connectivity in four countries in the fast East countries. The company will provide instant internet to the clients upon request and application.

Overview of the Organization and Its Mission

A Skynet internet provider is a service business organization.  The organization intends to enhance efficiency in the internet connectivity in the four target countries. The countries will include Malaysia, Korea and Bangkok. The mission of the organization is to be the leading internet solution provider with a global approach.

Company’s Core Products or Services

The core products and or services of the company will include online sales services, telemarketing and instant web design solutions for the clients. Affordable and reliable internet service for the client will be the core mission for the Skynet internet providers.

Target Market

The Target market is in the Far East countries of Korea, Malaysia, and Bangkok. The company targets the growing number of young people and companies aiming to enhance efficiency in business communication in their organizations (Johnstone, 2011). The organization will target 20 companies in every country.



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External Environmental Factors

The social media will the forum for communication. There is need to officially register and seek legal permission from the authorities of the target countries. High loading and browsing capability of our search engines will attract the IT savvy youths to organization (Macdonald, 2011).

Sales Objectives

The company aims to reach many countries in the Far East. It is also targeting to make a profit of $800 per week. Market penetration and dominance will be the sole objective due to efficient services.


Profit is the secondary target of the company. The primary aim of the company will be to give value to the clients’ money. Instant solution and reliable connectivity of the website will be focal in our company. 


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