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The topic that I plan to address in my ‘Article on the US Economic Recovery’ refers to the current economic situation in the United States of America. I am an American citizen and I believe poor economic policies will affect many people. The US supports many national economies all over the world. The country experiences a constant rise in the unemployment rate due to the impeding economic recession (Keynes 89). This calls for the need for urgent economic policies to prevent the nation from slumping into recession.

It is my sincere realization that the problem is likely to affect millions of people all over the world. The Americans are most likely to be affected in the first place; later, people living in the developing nations that rely on the US for foreign aid will follow.

My research questions refer to the discussion of five major issues that are being debated in the US Congress. The issues are in reference to economic recession in the US. The first issue deals with taxation policy. Its main concern is preventing US economy from facing a taxation cliff. This is achievable through an expansionary taxation policy. The second issue is the portion of the US budget to address foreign policy. The US currently possesses enough funds to deal with foreign policy. The authorities have to address internal deficits first before focusing on foreign issues. This is a challenge in the deliberate balance between internal issues and the US remaining a super power. The power to influence the world is a major concern for the United States of America (Bertrand 78). The third crux is the issue of unemployment. This is a security concern in the nation. The forth one is the need to address balance of trade problems. The US government ought to increase the export of auto motives in order to enhance the taxation and revenue base. The last issue is the necessity to review the US economic stimulus package plan. This will open room for coverage of a wide spectrum issue.

My article will explore the background and context of various economic policies, the main focal area, and possible influence of senior administration on the urgent economic recovery issue. It is prudent to appreciate a comparative study of the various implications of diverse economic strategies being executed to address the problem under research. This article provides a good coverage of the major deliberations concerning the issue at hand.

My vast experience and exemplary economic analysis strength will aid in the writing of an informative article. The article will trace the origin of every economic issue. The critical factors to address each problem will be covered extensively in the upcoming article. There is need to incorporate the proposals of my economic advisers in the article. This will increase inclusion of diverse ideas. The last time the USA was in recession was in the 1930s. This is a point to remember. Economic recession is a hot issue in the public limelight. This is because people tend to live in depression if they experience financial problems (Huntington 47).

The need to focus on preventing economy from slumping further into a recession is a major concern. Economic recession is a financial downturn. The level of economic activities is very low. As a result, production levels drop dramatically. This is the cause of the rising rates of unemployment in the country.

My article intends to address all such issues pertaining to economic recovery. There will be a practical approach to the issue of recession and sound economic solutions to lead economy towards prospering.


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