Free «Sweets in America and in Europe» Essay Sample

The writing on the distracted society attempts to explain the economic crisis from the American society perspective. The writer talks of the way the American society always complains that there are corrupted officials in the society yet they are the people who elect them back to office. This is through the propaganda of the corporate world. Therefore, the writer blames the American society for their behavior and tries to look at ways and means that the society and the leaders are to blame for the bad governance and poor choices in terms of electing the leaders. However, he notes that the more democratic Europe suffered more in the crisis. In the writing on goods, the writer talks of the way the American society was not affected by the recession, since even in the event of it there were many shoppers who were seen flocking the American market. This was unlike the happenings of that time in Europe as the recession was felt across the board. The fact owed to the American success, the author notes is the great material wealth that America has. This is a key factor in analyzing why the sweet is more democratic in America than in the European continent. In the book about a democracy of sweetness, the writer talks of the treatment that he received at Hershey chocolate factory located in North America. The writer states that the treatment which a person gets from this part of the world is democratic and one cannot hate it as compared to what he or she might get in Europe. In conclusion, the three writings try to decipher the relations linked to democracy that a person may get socially. Although they are indirect, they all talk of one position and that is the way the American society is sweeter in terms of democracy and socially as compared to Europe.


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