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Free «The BMW Company» Essay Sample

Corporate communication activities are vital for business entities across the world. BMW is one of the leading manufacturers and dealers of automobiles in the world market. This company sells a tangible product to its varying number of consumers in the market. Adequate communication needs must be met to promote the sustainable demand because the markets are lately coupled with stiff competition. BMW requires a complete corporate voice that will retain and attract new customers towards its brands in the market.

Currently BMW operates under the divisions that rely on each for high sales performance to come by around the world. Since it sells its brands across the world, it has several departments in the headquarters and within its regional offices. BMW Company values the consumer and aims at improving their satisfaction in any way possible.

This company maintains a very easy to use website, which offers helpful information to its potential and existing consumers. The website clearly states the divisional offices and departments based on what they are capable of within the company hierarchy. Such type of organization improves communication because the enquiries land at the right offices. This system of communication shows that it serves both internal and external parties who have interests with BMW Company. Employees can communicate with various offices in cases they feel they need some clarifications.

On the other hand, officers in top positions can communicate easily using one voice through the heads of departments and divisions. From the existing system, BMW exhibit both vertical and horizontal types of communication. Data flow goes on depending on the final user requirements. The website in place offers several ways of making contact from email addresses to phone numbers for relevant regional offices. This company has further improved its communication by classifying its products and assigning some employees and offices specific roles of dealing with each product. This will promote adequate relevant customer service because the experts will always deal with critical and non-critical issues. This system of maintaining good communication will help BMW Company in realizing its objectives and eventually maximizing its potential.

Decentralizing communication centers gives autonomy to many officers. Such autonomy will ensure that consumers are served faster and with relevant advice, since each employee is relevant to a given department. Constant communication flow helps in maintaining a good corporate image in the business environment. Strong communication strategies help this company in keeping and maintaining good relations with the public through the adequate corporate social responsibilities.

When it comes to advertising, the BMW Company is present in almost all media channels available. This company chooses those media sites that have a high number of followers. BMW produce brochures, booklets and compact disks that carry useful marketing information. Such materials and tools assist consumers in understanding more of available products and their uses. These tools aim to trigger the desire for the first time product users or even shift the taste and preference for those people who were on other brands in the market.

Periodically, BMW publishes several magazines that shed more light in the auto sector. The magazines attempt to provide the understanding of the true benefits of using various products from the company. Premium magazine, which focuses on the best driver, has been one of the best selling and marketing tools for the BMW Company. The participation in auto sports such as Olympic Games and Auto Motor Sports are other avenues where this company has really tried to communicate. BMW needs to invest in modern communication technologies such as live chat online in its website so that it encourages direct answers for consumer questions. It needs to participate in other frequent and seasonal games like soccer, which normally captures the attention of many consumers across the entire planet.


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