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Deforestation refers to cutting of trees in an area. Deforestation occurs because of various reasons. Firstly, people when seeking habitants destroy the forest in an attempt to build their homes. The pressure exerted on the forest is significant in the case of high population. Secondly, deforestation may results from human activities such as charcoal burning. Charcoal burning activities is worse in the environment as it also produces carbon monoxide. Finally, lumbering is another agent of deforestation. Lumbering if not controlled might exhaust the existing forest leading to deforestation. We must stop deforestation to ensure a clean environment as well prevent extreme weather conditions such droughts and floods.

 Deforestation activities are harmful to the environment. It affects negatively the lives of people and animals in the universe. Deforestation leads to soil degradation, production of carbon monoxide, distorted habitat, and flooding. These negative effects of deforestation are as explained below (Gabler, Petersen and Trapasso 45).

Deforestation destroys the existing forest thus destroying trees that are useful in regulation of air. Trees play a crucial role in ensuring that the carbon dioxide gases released in the atmosphere is absorbed and converted into fresh oxygen. Therefore, forest destruction leads to accumulation of carbon emission in the environment resulting in global warming. Global warming is a world concern because of its serious effect to the livelihood (Jha 123).

Another disadvantage of deforestation is that it tends to change the natural state of the earth, and causing extinction of biodiversity. For example, deforestation leads to completely loss of some indigenous trees. This leads to the creation of completely new environment. However, alteration of the environment might lead to completely loss of some animals as a result, of exposing the animals into a new environment (Rudel and Horowitz 34).

Distraction of vegetation cover has serious implication on the soil. Deforestation is dangerous because it exposes the soil to agent of soil erosion. This leads to massive soil erosion during the rain season, or during the dry season caused by effect of strong wind. Soil erosion leads to reduced fertility of the soil due to loss of pertinent nutrient composition of the soil. The overall result is reduced productivity of the affected area making it almost impossible to support the livelihood of both animals and man. In addition, distraction of vegetation cover exposes individuals and animals to higher risks of flooding. This is because during the rain season vegetation plays a crucial role in reducing the forces of running water. Vegetation impedes the movement of water thus avoiding the distraction caused by floods. Therefore, destroying vegetation cover increases the possibility of floods in the area (Rudel and Horowitz 36).

Forests serve a crucial role for there to be rain. Distraction of trees especially those at water catchment area might be very alarming because these trees ensure continuity of the water source. Distraction of these trees leads to disruption of the water source, which is very important in the water cycle. The result of destruction of water catchment area is the lack of rain for a long period, which leads to drought problems. Therefore, deforestation causes drought, which leads to loss of life of animals and human beings (Jha 124).


In conclusion, deforestation has serious implication on the lives of animals and mankind. This is because it affects the environment of the living organisms making it hard to survive. Deforestation should be controlled to ensure a sustainable environment for all living organisms. However, completely eradication of this practice is impossible because sometimes people have no option. For example, Lumbering has a negative effect to the environment, but people still need timber for building and furniture. Therefore, deforestation becomes worth, if the positive effects of the practices exceeds the negative effect.


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