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Everybody believes that there was a certain time that Mother Nature is at its best – the air has no smog, the fields are full of wild animals and trees, rivers and other bodies of water are crystal clear and full of fishes, and the climate is very pleasing. However, as time passed, it became evident that nature is getting worse. One manifest drastic change in nature that for years became a worldwide concern is the ‘climate change’.

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The term ‘climate change’ usually refers to the variation of the global climate indicating the increase of average temperature caused by diverse activities of mankind (Chandrappa, Gupta and Kulshrestha, 2011). Since the development of technology and science, earth’s atmosphere has become badly affected. Large factories brought large amounts of smog to the air every day and large scientific experiments were conducted in wildlife areas, resulting to outbreak of hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere. These human activities brought miserable effects throughout the whole world. As a result, an international awareness-raising campaign concerning the issue of climate change came up, calling upon every country to resolve to deal with it. The following information will show one of the international responses to this matter.

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In 2004, it is stated that the United Nations, through UNEP and WMO, had established an intergovernmental system to address this issue. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was appointed to: (1) Assess scientific information that is related to climate change, such as emission of greenhouse gases and the change in earth’s radiation balance resulting from it, and that is needed for evaluation of the environmental and socioeconomic consequences of climate change; and (2) formulate realistic response schemes for the management of the issue (Kininmonth, 2004). Another intergovernmental action that happened in the past years is the implication of policy with regards to the mitigation of global climate change; but this will require international cooperation (Nordhaus, 1998). The concern of analysts regarding policies and solutions is equity for every country, suggesting that everyone must commit to do the implemented policies, methods and other actions concerning the issue accordingly; there must be no exceptions from this international cooperation.

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As a result of legal arguments, debates and other considerations, one particular policy that is implemented to every country is the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases. However, in spite of the efforts to address and deal with the issue of climate change, it seems that many developing countries are still increasing in the emission of greenhouse gases, and are expected to surpass the current emissions of the United States and other OECD countries by 2015. Many scientists also say that emissions growth in Argentina, Brazil, China, India, and Korea will increase by two-thirds by that year (Victor and Council on Foreign Relations, 2004; Pew Center on Global Climate Change, 2001). Nevertheless, many countries like the UE members states are said to be at the forefront of international efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emission.

The global issue concerning climate change did not only give way to certain policies and solutions, but to realization as well. It is now widely acknowledged that climate change is unavoidable and everything – both human and natural ecosystems – will be affected (Davoudi, Crawford and Mehmood, 2009). This reality should not be a reason for the countries to stop their mitigation movement against the drastic change in earth’s climate. There must be an international cooperation to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gas as a resolve to somehow reduce the exacerbation of the global climate. Earth is our  home and we should be taking every necessary action to preserve it.

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