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Free «Global Political Change» Essay Sample

Human development is an extremely exciting thing to look at. Numerous changes in humanity and the systems governed by it took place throughout the history. Unfortunately, human development does not only include the beneficial things that happened, but the unwelcome changes, as well.

Since the era of colonization, trade, and even until now, politics plays an important role in the life of any country. The term politics does not simply mean the social relations and power in a particular country. The world of politics involves different nationalities and government authorities from all around the world. Perhaps, it is the thing that draws attention of every responsible citizen not indifferent to the profound changes that have a significant influence upon the whole world.

Of course, there are some key aspects that cause international political shifts, and economic system is one of them. It is a well-known fact that the US government is close to introducing considerable changes as the country has faced with the economic crisis. This critical situation attracts attention of numerous countries as the dollar is a global currency. By virtue of economic crisis, the value of the dollar has decreased. With regards to trade, countries having connections with America will be affected, as well. This issue in turn, goes up to the higher officials of each country as the US government has business connections with other countries in the form of debts. For instance, America has built up a trade with China and now owes much from it, and vice versa. The problem is that China’s economy is not decreasing. Thus, America is at the risk of greater decrease in economic stability, which in turn, affects other countries at the same time.


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Another remarkable political event is the creation of the report on policy proposals between the United States, the EU, and China. The Macroeconomic policy coordination states that the three should “establish regular trilateral meetings on macroeconomic policy cooperation to inform each other about policy issues and measures of common interest in the areas of monetary, fiscal, and regulatory policy” (Transatlantic Academy, 2011). It becomes clear that the Unites States and EU are seriously concerned with the rise of China’s economy. Consequently, even the three “big powers” are affected by the economic crisis in the USA, and the economic rise of China.

Another factor that contributes to the global political change is the increase in military capabilities of countries. A long time ago, the only powerful countries were mostly situated in the Western and partly in the Eastern parts of the world. Today, Arab countries situated in the Middle Western region are also catching the attention of the world due to some of their military movements. The news says that Iran has already developed an unmanned missile drone. The statement of one of Iran’s military officials, saying that the drone itself is intended to destroy Israel, surprised the world. Apparently, this announcement alarmed the United Nations and the political change has begun. The country representatives held certain discussions on that issue; thus, making a distinct shift in global politics. Another military-related event that most probably made a change in worldwide politics is the war that erupted in Libya. It was at the time that the Libyan government was under Muammar Gaddafi. However, due to some problems that occurred between the royal army and the public, a war escalated in the land. Even greater change happened when the NATO countries became involved in the war. Other factors that contribute to certain shifts in global politics include environmental and social issues. Politics is the thing that makes different nations unite as one. Any change that happens in one country affects others, as well.


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