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The American society has undergone momentous changes throughout the years. These changes have affected its economy, pop culture and even technology. One of the things that tremendously changed the American society was the advent of automobiles(Berger 23).

Before automobiles came, people depended mostly on horse carriages for transportation. Though effective, horse carriages were slower and riskier, owing to frequent banditry. With automobiles, traveling became not only faster; but safer, easier and cozier. Another watershed in the history of the American society came with the invention of computers. Initially, computers were very bulky and could only be used at universities, mega companies, and in the military(Williams 56). However, by 1980 they had become handier and millions of Americans were using them in their homes for professional, commercial, educational and entertainment purposes(Wurster 112).

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The impact of computers on the American society was just as revolutionary as that of automobiles, and there are several examples to illustrate this. Firstly, both inventions changed the entertainment industry. With automobiles came a newer and more exciting sport called motor racing, and with computers; thousands of spellbinding computer games. Secondly, both inventions opened up new frontiers in communication.

Speedier automobile transportation meant faster and wider communication whether by letter or in person. Similarly, thanks to computers, the world became a ‘global village’. Through the internet, one can communicate instantly with others in most parts of the world. Thirdly, both inventions resulted in the expansion of job opportunities in America. With automobiles came supporting businesses like gas stations, auto dealers, and road construction companies(Glancey 116). The introduction of computers led to the rise of computer engineers, computer consultants and software developers among others.

After about a century of using automobiles, and over a half a century of using computers; it is evident that the development of the American society has largely revolved around these two inventions. An interesting correlation is that modern automobiles are now manufactured, controlled and maintained using computers!


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