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The main mechanisms that ensure the stability of temperature on Earth are the solar radiation and greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases hold a significant share of thermal radiation after reflection from the surface of the Earth the solar energy, and create the conditions for life on Earth. Due to this, the temperature on Earth increases to 33 ° C. Without the greenhouse effect the temperature near the surface of Earth would not exceed even to 18 ° C (Armstrong, Susan, Botzler, 2007). However, during the years of industrialization the content of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has noticeably increased. During the last century the planet temperature has rose to 0.6° C. This provoked the process of so-called "greenhouse effect". The main reason for it is the carbon dioxide emissions that are produced mainly by the large factories. The carbon dioxide emissions make up over 50% of the general volume of all harmful emissions to the environment (Foltz, Bruce, Frodeman, 2004). Increasing of the concentrations of such gases in the atmosphere destroy the ozone layer and cause the appearance of "ozone holes". Chemicals deplete the ozone layer and cause global warming, the pollution, acid rains and other adverse effects of air pollution.

Thus, the temperature of the atmosphere is growing very fast each year. The main consequences of the global warming are glaciers melting. The scientists predict that by 2100, the ocean level would rise by 50cm and flood some low-lying areas (Foltz, Bruce, Frodeman, 2004). Other projected effects are the natural disasters: droughts, floods, hurricanes, which in particular lead to extinction of forests and individual species. In addition, the distraction of the ozone layer allows harmful radiation to proceed on Earth, which after cause the variety of the disease for people, animals and plants.


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