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Global warming has been a serious issue all over the world; it's a matter of great concern for all countries whether developed or underdeveloped. A heavy burden lies on the most developed countries like the USA and CHINA (Parry, 2007). In USA carbon emissions from vehicles (consumption of fossil fuels) has tampered with the efforts exerted towards reducing the air pollution and consequently reducing the pressure this poisonous gases put on our atmosphere (Bart, 1992). Though there have been efforts to reduce these carbon emissions, decreasing the carbon gases from the automobile sources will not stop global warming completely but will still minimize the amount of carbons gases in the atmosphere over a period of time.

A number of solutions are worthy but remain to be under serious decision making by the state or the government in control. The use of electric cars as way of replacing the oil fueled vehicles or the conventional vehicle has been met with quite a good number of challenges (Bryer, 1999). Not forgetting the few major merits of electric cars over conventional ones such as; they are 100% free from emissions, they have no polluting byproducts hence they are more environmentally safe and cleaner than any other conventional vehicle (Mark, 2007). These vehicles are ideal if there is any need to safeguard and retain a conducive and clean sustainable atmosphere free from impurities. But the cost of producing such vehicles is relatively high as noted by commentator Y which subsequently leads to very high prices so that few individuals can afford hence they disapprove it.

The necessary resources needed are quite expensive and at the same time are scarce. Commentator Y observation are correct since even if the government decides to subsidize the production cost there are still some other factors that hinder the effectiveness of the electric cars in some countrys. People do need along range vehicle that will require around 300 miles between refilling, fill up as quickly as possible then take off to match the traffic. The electric car cannot travel more than 100 miles between re-charging and it's difficult to recharge at some instances. This renders this option to be not the most feasible.

Hybrid vehicles could probably be the next best alternative. Hybrid vehicles are the blend of the best conventional vehicle with the best electric vehicle for the best combination of a vehicle that outbids the two when considered independently. Mixing the cleaner energy of the electric motor with the long range power of the gasoline engine produces a hybrid car with very minimal toxic gases. Better still this vehicles do save a quantitative amount of fuel for every mileage than a conventional vehicle. They perform better than conventional ones and are more reliable and comfortable. Subsequently they are also competitively priced. Their prices are affordable by most individuals.

Though they are slightly priced above conventional ones, people may have to consider the cost of spending a little more on initial purchase for lower costs later on. This will have greatly assisted in reducing the level of toxic gases being released into the atmosphere and minimize the effects of global warming in our surrounding environment thus addressing both commentator X concern for pollution and commentators Y concern for cost of producing the vehicles. Still, these vehicle can concurrently be on the roads until all the non hybrid vehicles are phased out through natural attrition further addressing commentators Y concerns on the cost to the economy of destroying all the non electric and non hybrid vehicles.

The use of hydrogen vehicle is also reliable. These kinds of vehicles use hydrogen power as its fuel for motive power. They emit very minimal amounts of carbon dioxide that is not destructive to the environment. In fact plants can use it for their own growth and completely reduce their effects on the atmosphere. But recently most companies are working to develop technologies that will prepare hydrogen without using fossil fuel inputs (Parry, 2007). This hydrogen when used by vehicles does not produce carbon dioxide emissions. If successful this would be one of the best ways forward towards decreasing poisonous gas emissions into the atmosphere (Berry, 20100.

The draw backs of hydrogen is that they have low energy content per unit volume, they require very high storage vessel pressures, the transportation and refilling of liquid hydrogen is a big challenge in itself and also high tankage weights. Though with the current advancement in technology I believe the answers to this few setbacks will be met with ultimate certainty. Having attained this, the efforts put on campaign to eliminate toxic emissions will not be tendered futile.


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