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The great lakes is one of the hugest company in the United State which is known in the production and distribution of chemical and gases such as gasoline and bromine. It is known for its harmful production of unsuitable gases and chemical in the atmosphere and in the environment. It has been there working without any consideration on these matters of health since it is the only industry in the production of chemical. It has no competitors in this field of gas production. This has led to environment and public risk on health issues when producing and distributing these unhealthy elements

Great lake is huge company which hugely known for its production of bromine and other chemicals such as ethyl. It is also recognized in the production of chemical products for various applications such as water treatment, household cleaners, polymer stabilizers and many others. Other products that the company produces are methyl bromine, mainly used for agricultural purposes; bromide-phosphorus which is used in antimony-based flame retardants and synergists.



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Great lakes was among the leading and greatest company in the production of elements such as bromide that means bromine was hugely produced. The great lakes seem to be greed and do not even check on the environmental and public health risks when producing and distributing this unhealthy additive. It appears that it's as if they are taking advantage on the undeveloped countries while these chemicals are prohibited in the developed countries. There are several factors that affect great lakes in the production of chemicals, for example.

Social and demographic:

During the production and distribution processes of chemical such as bromine, it is necessary for the great lakes as a company to realize the harmfulness the may be caused and dangerous side effects that may arise when the product is continuously sold. It is found that in the developed countries, they do not check on the negative part of the lakes but concentrate more on the market and sales of the product since it is illegal in the distribution of lead additives in the country. The great lakes are neither aware nor recognize on the matters of where the product is taken after manufactured and how the product is being used. They tend to be producer of lead additive and less active in matters concerning health since it is discriminatory for the developing countries and should be considered very cautious.

It is very essential as a medical treatment which may cause cost to unaffordable in these emergent countries with the capability to end up with a deadly result in the country. The primary consumers of the products such as bromine which is produced by Great Lakes hail from developing countries.  The case study does not particularly observe on the demographics of these countries or the public status of their people, it is logical to assume that consumers from these locales would be large in number and reside in densely populated areas. These dynamics, complemented by the fact that most vehicles in developing countries do not have catalytic converters evidently indicates that social/demographic


The need to progress and implement technology to prepare out impurities makes logic and is one that most should follow. However, it is not so simple for emergent countries that cannot be able to produce unleaded gasoline or even have the means to add or improve technology to help expand the product. Great Lakes require taking a conscious look worldwide where they have existence and look for ways to either help constrain the technology that is desired or make ways for a win-win way out for all. The urban countries are not the concern since lead additives were already banned, but globally it may make sense to look at the big image since the atmosphere around the world is impacted at some point.

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Economically, great lakes have been affected due to the fact that the US argued it to stop the manufacturing of its product thus affected the economic growth of the company. The issue on health and safety it was also affected and was forced to limit its production rates. It is in this way that the great lakes faced a challenge thus, caused a drop in the profitability for a period of time. Emergent countries are still trying to keep up with developed countries such as the UK and the US.   Therefore the tendency to move into leaded fuel vehicles is still many years away.   And the cost of converting cannot be hold up by these unfortunate countries.   The US as well is going through a downturn in recent years that has lead for numerous businesses to seek worldwide alternatives.

Environmental and geographical:

These issues are important since on the other part, the company, the great lakes face tough challenges from the environmentalist. The great lakes is located at a centralized place where the global shifts and have pressure from the environment industry. Great Lakes is subject to a variety of laws and regulations connecting to maintaining and defensive on the quality of the environment around them.   Due to the nature of the products created and spread, the industry is subject to inconsiderate OSHA Laws concerning environmental observance.

In this field Great Lakes is continually facing threats of legal scale through governing environmental agencies.   Due to relevant research on the causes of bromine and brominates products in the industry.   Although in the US leaded gasoline has been outdated for years, due to the laws that govern the environment.

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Lead additives in the US:

Lead is a mixture called gasoline and when it is used in high compression in the internal combustion of engine it has a tender auto ignition which in turn causes the engine to damage. This was invented by researchers such as Gibson and Ricardo who discovered the lead additive. Lead additive was modified and later caused more powerful high compression engines. The main popular additive was tetra-ethyl lead. It was persistently used for decades despite the deaths of numerous members of the innovative study teams from lead poisoning.

Marketing materials deliberately avoided mentioning lead explicitly and this caused ethyl to be used. In the environmental and health damage was caused by the lead, and the incompatibility of lead with catalytic converters which were found sold in the US automobiles. Most countries are facing out of leaded fuel; various additives have replaced the lead compounds. The lead additives include; alcohol, ethers, hydrocarbons, and aromatic. There several forces that acts in the increase or reduce of the competitive forces within an industry. These five forces are

  • Bargaining Power of Customers
  • Bargaining Power of Suppliers
  • Threat of Entrants into the Industry
  • Threat of Substitute Products or Services
  • competition Amongst Existing Firms 

Bargaining power of the customers-this is where one checks on who needs who. In this way, one is able to know the number of suppliers (as the competitors) and the number of prospective customers. A customer can play off against other competitors which means, a good customer is that who asks for higher quality or ask on the improvement of the services at the same price for a lower price.

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This means that the greater the number of customers the lesser commercial power they have and the greater number of competitors, the greater the customer's power of negotiating.

Bargaining powers by the suppliers- this is only the reverse of the customer's power. Several questions should be asked in order to accomplish in a business. Generally, the fewer the suppliers the lesser power one have to negotiate. Cost of product is also a way of determining who has the power.

Threat of competitors- this mainly refers to the new competitor who may come to grind down your customers and thereby causing challenges and resulting in the growth of businesses. When there are no barriers to entry position could be weakened.

Threat of Substitute Products or Services- this is a product that may act as a replacement to another product. For example, timber may be a substitute to steel in components of house frames. So great lakes should check on a substitute of bromine and other chemical like leaded gasoline.

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Competition amongst Existing Firms- this implies that, if the great lakes had a competitor it was easier for the industry to change or maybe to adjust to less harmful gasoline. Such that, the gas should be purified completely to enhance health issues in the country. More techniques may be introduced in the country on how to supply unleaded gas to the people and to improvise on health matters. (Grady, Litteljohn, & Suzuki, 2007). The industry is never attractive to the society since it's the cause of dangerous gases in the country and it has no competitors which will enable the improvement of the industry.  If there were competitors, the company would have improved in their products so as to attract more customers worldwide.

Due to bad image from the public, great lake is the only immediate, impending and invisible competitor. Great lakes do not have any competitor such as Ethyl Corporation or Dow chemical. Great lake has been receiving critical condemnation from the media that it is affecting its image in the global scale. The industry does not show to evaluate up well against their growing negative image in the media. In their past experiences, Great Lake was able to uphold a low profile in their market because they were still emerging. Great lake is found to be greed and seem to be unmoved by government organization such as environmental and public health department in the measure of producing and disturbing unhealthy additives. They seem to take advantage of the undeveloped countries. On this matter on this industry, it may cause hazardous and harmful unhealthy cases in the society and the government should check on the matter attentively.


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