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Global dimming

This site provides comprehensive information on the global dimming, which has been highlighted as one of the major environmental issues. From the research, it is clear that the air pollutants that originates from the fuel in the fossil result in making the clouds to have more sun rays reflection back to the space. Due to this, it results in what is popularly referred to as global dimming in a situation in which result in less energy and heat reaching the earth. This may at first sound like the climate change problems ironic savior. There is however enough evidence; for instance, as a result of global warming, draught has been the result in Ethiopia which has been followed by many deaths. In addition, as a result of global warming, the true global warming power is being hidden. Due to cleaning up of the pollutants that causes the global dimming without tackling emissions of the greenhouse gases, there has been an observation of rapid warming, resulting in disasters that have affected the ecology and the human health.

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Basically, it would be an injustice to say that this site is not comprehensive on tackling the global issues. The comprehensiveness argument is justified by its ability of cover more than 550 articles.  It offer a broad look at the global issues through which everyone is affected with an aim of showing the interrelation of most of these issues. Having grown up in UK and lived in the United States, the author of this site has an advantage of having a wide-ranging availability of information through which he is able to tackle the most important issues at the global level. The ability to compile such wide range of information is also enhanced by the author's interest in studying on global issues and qualification in education. The justification of the reason behind this study is also indeed ideal. It is a matter of concern in the most touching and current issues that cannot go unmentioned. This site is really educative as far as the global issues are concerned.


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