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Free «Policy Making and the Environment» Essay Sample


Environmental policy is the key to avoiding, solving of ameliorating environmental problems (Roberts 2004). It is an asset of principles used to govern decision making about human management of environmental capital and environmental services.


The present day environmental policy focuses on the unproblematic environmental services that result through population growth and how those problems affect human beings. It also focuses how human population suffers from poverty, poor air, water quality, overcrowding, and global warming thus seek measures to solve these problems.

The historical policy according to scientific knowledge in the light of the twentieth century, impacted environmental policy, for instance the present eruption of volcano can cause devastation and death far greater than it was in Roman times. An urban development in earthquake zones coupled with poor infrastructure is potential consequences of environment. Human behavior cause natural hazards such as volcanoes and earthquakes (Roberts 2004).



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The intersection of energy policy and environmental policy describes the attitude of the American public towards the national energy policy and protection development strategies. Regulatory and protective, environmental policies are considered unnecessary especially on the countries with abundant natural resources like the United States (Cochran, Mayer, Carr and Cayer 2008).

Environmental policy and energy policy articulate the ramifications of each other in that the energy policy cannot meet the demand of environmental policy. This is because of energy policies that encourage energy resource exploitation without concern of their effects. The Mineral Lease Act allows energy exploration thus conflicting with environmental policies. The environmental problems will arise such as global warming because of issuing government leases to encourage energy exploitation. Industrialization and rapid population growth which leads to demand of energy use cause problem of environmental preservation and protection which cannot be easily avoided.


Environmental policy is essential in the present day because it reinforces measures that should be taken to protect the environment. The population growth and industrialization has led to environmental problems thus need for environmental policies to curb the problem.


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