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Haiti earthquake was one of the major disasters that Haiti faced as a nation. Scientists estimated its magnitude to be 7.0Mw. From the estimation; approximately three million people were affected by the disaster. Statistics shows that 230,000 people lost their lives, 300,000 injured while 1,000,000 lost their property and rendered homeless. The aftermath of the disaster was therefore too certain. Many deaths were recorded by the relevant governmental authorities. Since most people lost their properties, they had to settle in small clusters because they had no other choice of place to live. Wherever there is congestion, outbreaks of diseases such as cholera are rampant. This is due to poor sanitation in the settled area and further use of unclean water.

Being a national disaster, the Haitian government had to request for donations from other nations and well wishers. Its efforts could not cater adequately for the affected population hence there was a need to address the issue internationally. In order to effectively achieve aid from other countries and well wishers, the Haitian government had to set up goals and objectives. Discussed below is one of the goals laid by the government; to compensate for property loss (Garevski, 2010).

An estimate of over a million people lost their homes as a result of the earthquake witnessed in Haiti. To achieve this goal, the government incorporated the use of three processes. One was to cater for adequate capital that could allow them to successfully resettle them. Secondly, the government officials set a side were to identify areas that were prone to future earthquakes and avoid resettling people in those regions. Thirdly, the government was to relocate people from the densely inhabited areas to their new homes.

From the goals set, the possible outcome objectives involved reduction of mortality rates due to outbreaks of diseases. Also, sufficient food supply was among the core objectives since most governments’ belief that a healthy nation is a prosperous nation.


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