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Free «Climate Change and Economics» Essay Sample

The research problem and its relevant literature

Global climate change is a direct result of human-induced global warming and increased level of emissions. The aim of the research is to identify and analyze the direct correlation between business activity and climate change (examples of CO2 emissions and rise of sea level). Theoretical literature and research studies suggest that the current global seas’ level rise has a catastrophic impact on the small island nations by occurring at a rate of around 1.8 mm per year. Millions of people have been, or soon will need to be relocated, thus, becoming so-called environmental refugees. Since global warming was not caused by the residents of these islands, people in the developed countries should take the responsibility for the climatic changes caused by the increased human activities in manufacturing, burning coal, using petrol and gas, etc.

The Research Question(s)

What are the correlations of CO2 emissions and rise of sea level during the last two decades?  What are the correlations of CO2 emissions and increased business activity during the last two decades? 



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What are the economic consequences of climate change for island populations? 

The Literature and Literature Review and Synthesis

Houghton (1997) state that as the climate continues to warm, entire islands with over 40 nations are sinking below the rising waters caused by ice sheets’ melting or are at risk of disappearing. Their rapid melting in Greenland and Antarctica are likely to push up sea levels by a meter or more by 2100, swamping coastal cities and obliterating the living space of 600 million people who live in deltas, low-lying areas and small island states. Singer and  Idso  (2009) claim that sea levels will rise much faster over the next century than has been expected, even if governments are successful at controlling greenhouse gas emissions and business activities of global corporations. People are forced to move further inside the island since their homes on the sea shores are flooded by rising waters.

The Selection of an Area of Investigation

The area of Investigation is selected based on its topicality and personal interests of a researcher. While many people are concerned about the environmental situation in such small island, only few think about the cultural and ethnical issues of the current situation caused by the rising seas. Caught between the lost past and an uncertain future, these people have to decide how to save what is left from their culture since their homeland disappears forever.

Research Plan

  1. Analysis of the theoretical literature on the topic,
  2. Analysis of the statistical results on the topic
  3. Analysis of predictions, theories and forecasts
  4. Evaluation of the results

The components of the research proposal

  1. Title
  2. Research Question(s)
  3. Literature Review
  4. Research Methodology
  5. Conceptual Framework
  6. Primary Research
  7. Analysis
  8. Findings
  9. Conclusions & Recommendations
  10. References

Central Research Problem

The central research problem is justified by the fact that the forecasted climatic changes and possible relocation present threat for their traditional lifestyle. If these people are relocated to other safer coastal areas together, they still have an opportunity to renew their culture and lifestyle there.

Theoretical Concepts; Analytical Concepts and Empirical Indicators

Since the current environmental problems are caused by the human activities mainly in the developed countries, they should take full or at least major responsibility over the urgent actions on how to prevent further environmental disasters by helping residents of sinking islands, decreasing usage of fuel, exchanging the fuel energy for wind and solar energy, manufacturing the products with concern about the environment, applying effective corporate social responsibility, protecting natural resources, especially those under the risk, etc. Such actions should be done urgently; otherwise, the whole planet might soon suffer from numerous environmental disasters. Meanwhile, governments and people of the developed countries should direct their efforts and support toward the current urgent problems like the sinking islands of the Pacific Region, where thousands of people lost their homes, were forced to relocate far from their land and live in unknown communities and environments.

Methodology and Design

  • To conduct interview environmental organizations
  • To conduct review of current business activity and rise of sea levels
  • To extract and resolve XYZ companies current CO2emissions
  • To analysis statistics and data collect from statistics and environmental reports

Qualitative approach procedures

This will be an experimental quantitative research aimed at tracing the relationship between the business activities and their effect on the climate change, and rise in sea level in particular. Several companies which have recently changed their CO2 strategies will be compared. These data will be compared with the percentage of possible changes in sea level around the world. The results will either corroborate or disprove the hypothesis.

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Literature Review

There is a list of recent as well as relatively old sources dedicated to the problem of negative influence of smoking on the nation’s health. These sources will be analyzed according to the following principle:

  1. Monographs and research papers
  2. Articles in health and medical journals
  3. Internet articles and web-references

The papers will also be analyzed according to their contribution to the research field, comprehensiveness of the utilized approach, qualitative or quantitative researches, strengths and blond spots.  Moreover, if the world community and people in the developed countries do not start making urgent actions to protect the environment and implement preventive actions, their lands might be next on the line.


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