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Free «The Issue of Environmentalism» Essay Sample

The issue of environmentalism concerning industrial population has greatly affected the welfare of the people who live within the surroundings risking their lives because of the health hazards that are brought by the waste from the industry. The rise of this matter has emerged into campaigns to fight for the nature of the environment by the environmental activists, who in such matters, act as a link between the government and the ground persons affected (Dell, 2009). In this case, an environmentalist will intervene and raise the issue to the government in order to safeguard the ecosystem. Alternatively, she can seek assistance through interacting with the people themselves, a measure that will result to people’s voice to be heard in response to protecting the environment.

To effectively analyze environmentalism concerning human response, the first approach to consider will be how to manage the environment, which will major on studies revolving around the science of the earth and ways that we can conserve our surroundings. The second perspective to the matter is how we can handle our resources in terms of using them according to the data received from the economics analysis.



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Sustainability is cited as a major problem among other issues like urbanization and people’s mode of surviving in terms of how they manipulate the resources. To conserve our environment, we can improve on this by developing alternative measures to replace the current lifestyle by instilling and practicing activities that are environmental friendly. Positive measures can be adopted to protect our surrounding through less expensive and more affordable methods.

Security is another factor; people fail to plan well for future in places where peace ceases to exit. For instance, fighting for resources between communities can never lead to progression instead it causes global warming. This calls for the environmentalist to take initiatives of controlling the natural resources like the rivers at the same time creating boundaries that may assist to persuade people to respect our environment. Based on the human-environment interactions, environmental activism is perceived in two ways. This is determined by the welfare of human beings as the first priority and the second one is determined by the situation of the global ecosystems that all life relies on (Fernando, 2004).

In accordance to the human beings relation to the environment, there are specific ethics that are put into consideration concerning the environment. This pertains what the human beings think about what to do to the environment as a result, leading to issues like deforestation to create more land that can satisfy the human needs. The lives of important species, which could be of great value in future, is also destroyed in compensation to the people’s survival tactics. This has led to emergence of environmental activists who among them, the philosophers collaborated to help people settle the problems relating to the environment.

According to scholars like Allan Marshal, our environment consists of both existing and non-existing creatures, which he also terms as the libertarian extension. He goes further to defend ecological diversity in relation to human rights, which reflects a true picture of science to our natural environment. When it comes to the environment conservation, it is all about its benefits to human beings. There is also a human theory, which states that the environment should be taken care of for the sake of the next generation, the way our ancestors did in the past. This also explains why clearing forests for the sake of farming may not bear fruits in return, the plan fails due to the wrong type of soil and the consequences takes ages for the land to be more useful again.

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According to the Christian perception, human beings will be answerable to God on how they misuse His resources and, therefore, to impress the creator we must prove that we are responsible about His creation and people who live around us. There is also the principle of anthropocentrism, which grades humankind to be of the first priority when it comes to utility of resources. To some point, this view may not appear correct as all species are in need of the natural resources.

The welfare of human beings is also affected by the repercussions they face from the industries for instance, air pollution. All the contaminants in the air are felt when the air is no longer pure. They exist mostly inform of gasses and solids acting as forms of health hazards to people at the same time harmful to our ecosystem. The effects experienced are diverse because pollution in the air spreads very fast. Areas that suffer most are the cities, which harbor more industries within their premises (Gleason, 2009). A part from issues that degrade the environment, the human beings are also perceived to have transformed and taken care of the environment through agriculture, which has led to increase of food supplies. Man has also improved on his survival means by advancing in the field of sciences.

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Despite the industrialization issue and its pollution effect, infrastructure has been improved and more buildings constructed which has benefited human beings and their survival habits in their own environment. A major weakness of human welfare perspective in relationship to the environment is that, there is discharge of sewage water especially in urban residence which when re- directed into rivers, they tend to destroy the life of animals and plants in the water. The approach of ecosystem and how life depends on it suggests that all organisms on earth in their surroundings should be provided with suitable conditions that support their life. According to Gaia hypothesis, living organisms should not be destroyed as they control the stability of temperature especially the supply of oxygen, which is required in the ecosystem. For the earth, processes to run swiftly there must be interrelation between the living organisms and non-living organisms. In addition, they regulate oxygen in the air; the organisms play a role in that creation of gases in the air except the noble gases. The earth temperature is also maintained by gases that exist in the green houses through a process which carbon dioxide gas is processed by living organisms to meet conditions that are suitable for life. The circulation of gases is improved when the bacteria in soil and other non-living organisms converts the oxygen from the air to be used by plants (Hess, 2007).

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Lovelock, a scientist by profession argues that, weakness is experienced if the mechanisms by which the organisms survive remain anonymous and therefore, concluded to be hostile and unacceptable in fields like ecology. Living organisms in an ecosystem survive by means of natural selection. In this case, creatures that make their environment a better living place survive compared to those that destruct the environment. According to Lynn Margulis, the earth promotes integration and determines the life of an organism in way that organisms cannot die at the same time. The change of climate and ecological condition are believed to cause extinctions of some organisms. To support the life of species in an ecosystem, Gaia came up with a movement that aimed at sharing how human beings would survive sustainably within their environment.

The approach that emerged with the best explanation is the one concerning the welfare of human beings. To begin with, the issue of urbanization contributes majorly to the problem, considering the fact that it is the location, where industries are located. At the same time, many people migrate to the cities in search of jobs. The side effect is not only evident to threaten life of human beings, but also affect the marine animals, especially when the remains of waste from the industry are dumped into the water without proper treatment. To help solve the problem, human beings have taken specific measures to handle the matter by planting more trees to compensate the fresh air we pollute as a result of the contaminated air from the industry (Gottlieb, 2002).

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In conclusion, the campaigns held by the environment activists have led to an important role being fulfilled. So far, it has reduced the issue of the ecosystem being mishandled, especially when human beings misuse the resources just to meet their needs without caring for other creatures and their surroundings. On the other hand, when the environment is contaminated, it risks the life and the daily activities carried out by other living and non living organisms, which have proved to be beneficial to people. For instance, the organisms in the soil together with bacteria are ought to play a big role of regulating the earth temperature in turn, preventing the accelerating condition of global warming.


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