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I was sad to read in an article on Friday’s newspaper (Star News, 2011) concerning the official approval for the construction of a paper mill in San Diego, California. Thus, I am writing this letter to articulate my disgust for this move. The state has by now earned the dubious honor of being the most polluted states in the US according to The American Lung Association, (2005). In the mornings along with evenings, the smoke released by cars on San Diego roads forms an expanse of poisonous gas that is suspended in the atmosphere for an extended period. This planned paper mill will add extra smoke to the San Diego atmosphere. At this rate, we will soon be required to wear oxygen masks in order not to breathe in the toxic gases. Numerous people are already exhibiting signs of bronchitis, lung infectivity, hazy vision, etc. owing to this contaminated environment.

Furthermore, the location that the mill will be constructed on is inappropriate. This region is located inside a striking forest. In front of the area is a lake. The forest, lake, and river make the location a remarkable site. People come from all over the country to see the uniqueness of the location. This place is a paradise in regards to the natural splendor. The forest boasts of a number of uncommon species of plants and animals. Setting up the mill here will destroy this gift from nature. Air, as well as water, will be contaminated not to mention the undesirable effect it will have on people’s health.

The local environmentalists have been calling the awareness of the government to the worsening health situation owing to pollution unsuccessfully. The government ought to take action to guarantee clean air to its citizens. I, thus, appeal to the government to re-evaluate its resolution to give a permit for this construction. It is ironic how we all want clean air, yet we contaminate it.

Yours faithfully,

Leon Gearhart


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