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Free «The Systems Development Environment» Essay Sample

1). Systems Analyst

This is the person whose career enables him to have a significant impact on the operations of an organization. His main task of a systems analyst is to study an organization’s needs and the problems so as to determine how people, methods and information technology when best combined can cause an organization’s improvements. In addition, the analyst helps other system users as well as business managers to identify what their requirements are for new and enhanced information services. The systems analysts form part of the pillars in the systems development process. Therefore, the analyst has to develop analytical, technical, managerial and interpersonal skills.

Importance of systems analyst

The prioritizes and translates the information needs of an organization in a written plan for the information systems (IS ) which includes schedule for development of new major systems. The analyst team plays the role of deciding the programming language the computer application will be written. The computer analysts decide which database systems and file structures will be used for the data and the hardware platform, operating system and network environment under which the system will run.



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2). The system in the payroll department is utilized in keeping track of checks.  The computer -based information system designed to process payroll is able to change data of the employers salaries information thus enables the payroll department to keep track of the employees changing pay rates. It is composed of various components such as salary information, timesheets, applicable taxes and deductions, payroll register and manual payments. This will enable that an organization complies with Internal Revenue Services (IRS), regulations and state and local government laws.

The components are interrelated in that the function of salary information component will not have complete processing unless it is updated by, for example, payroll register or timesheets. Also, all these components are limited within the same boundary so that incase there is need to change any of the components; other systems are not interfered with. With the components installed properly within the same boundary, it is then easy to achieve the desired purpose.

There are many aspects outside this system with which it interacts hence forming its environment. It is through this environment, the payroll system receives data and information. The interactions occur across the interfaces which is a time and attendance software which allows the payroll department to create a paperless employee check-in and the telephony validation system. There are also constraints which limits what the department can do such as budget and integrity issues. The speed the system works, capacity and capabilities of the system are major limitations to many growing organizations.

3). How internet, such as World Wide Web involves integration of systems developed in procedural languages in a client/ server environment. The database of the client machines, which are PCs, resides on the server and uses a powerful computer allowing many people to access the software and data stored on it.

4). The overall quality of systems will be improved as well as increase productivity the automation or support activities the throughout the project development process. This will be achieved through the Computer-aided software Engineering (CASE).  In future, the main focus of system development is system integration which will enable the hardware and software from different vendors to work together.

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There will be use of advanced prototyping which will involve a designing and building a scaled down although working version of a desired system.  Also, an enterprise-system from companies like System Application and Products in Data Processing(SAP)  which contains a software capable of supporting many different tasks in a department than one or two.

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a) Automatic delivery system in which a customer can subscribe to NBDS and have personal care, pet care, gourmet products and grocery delivered on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Inventory system involves a centralized database which tracks customer activity, delivery schedules and individual store sales.

Expert system is not used currently. The Natural Best can benefit from the expert system through Personal Health Records (PHR) which support wellness activities, improve personal understanding of personal health issues and improve health of the population.

b) Automatic delivery system has the purpose characteristic

   Inventory system has the boundary characteristic

c) Type of computing environment for NBHFS.


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