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Free «Bio Homework» Essay Sample

Question 1

A hypothesis is a statement that requires verification in order to be proven accurate. In science, this is done through experimentations. Testing a hypothesis can be tricky, especially where there are infinite possibilities. This gives a divide between scientific and statistical hypothesis testing. Science has to be accurate since it explains the way of life in the universe. Scientists hence have to be extremely certain of every result they get. When conducting a scientific hypothesis testing, they have to consider all possible situations so as to come up with concrete results. If they do not consider all possibilities, it cannot be considered a scientific hypothesis test (Lawson, 2008).

Question 2

Biology tries to give an analysis of life. Thin=s includes occurrences such as bodiliy functions, existence of species and so forth. However, this alone cannot answer all questions that humanity has for existence of life. It is hence necessary for biologists to include some understanding of chemistry to their study. The chemistry embedded in biology is what gives clear understanding of this field. The combinations of different elements that constitute lives of plants and animals can only be studied with a grasp of chemistry (You tube).



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Question 3

We need energy to carry out every day’s chores. Eating food alone does not guarantee that the body will have energy. This food has to be broken down by the cells. Every minute, millions of cells in the body are carrying out this task to ensure continuity of bodily function. This action of chemical reaction is called metabolism. Without this action, the body will have only the basal energy, which is used to keep the body at minimum activity level. Since the body cannot stay still forever, without working, cells have to metabolize so as to provide the energy needed.

Question 4

The human body has millions of cells, all working to ensure that the body sustains itself. There are two general types, the prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell types. This classification is based on size and location of these cells. All cells have specific functions, and no two different types of cells can have the same purpose. They are each suited with characteristics that equip them with the necessary ability to perform their functions.

Question 5

Life is a combination of factors that start from creation and end at death. During the time between these events, science is what sustains life. Through different forces, both from within and without the human body, life is maintained and nurtured. Elements such as food, air and water are provided by the environment. The body then has to process these elements in order for them to be useful in the body. These factors are what balance together to constitute life.


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