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Free «Blessing» Essay Sample

May all the days on the earth be the days of happiness.

May you have no desire or feeling of anxiety that disturb the spirit.

May your days be filled with joy in life and your soul filled with peace that surpasses human understanding.

May the sun be a beacon of hope in your life and a pleasant impression on your brow rather than scorch your face.

May your fields be filled with grain so that your household may never know the meaning of hunger.

May your household multiply for generations to come.

May your children be a blessing to every person in their path and be a good example to their kin.

Until we meet again, may all of these blessings be given unto you by the Almighty.

May your character remain true and genuine to everyone you interact with.

May the almighty provide you with everything you need to accept every challenge in your life.

May your successes be hundred times more than your failures and may this keep you eager to live a life.

Let your deeds and words be a blessing to everyone in your family and may theirs be a blessing to the community

May you always have happiness in your life to keep you sweet and jovial.

May you have challenges to keep you fit for the downs in life.

May the power of God be your shield against every enemy that comes forth against you.



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May their plans shatter like a boat smashed upon the rocks and their hopes come undone.

May the almighty provide protection for you and your kin against all ailments of the body so that you may live to see your kindred have their descendants and hopefully, their descendants.


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