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Throughout our lifetime, choices surround us everywhere. In every situation, people have to make choices. Some of these choices are easy to make, but the others require accurate assessment of each particular situation. Ethical choices are the most difficult ones as they involve the social issues, potential results of the choice, and the impact on an individual or a group of people who are involved in the situation.

In most cases, ethical choices are based on principles within the society. Due to the fact that some situations involve contrasting rules and principles, it becomes harder to make the right choice. For this reason, people usually have to view situation as a whole and see whether this ethical choice really helps solving the current problem.

Society has been developing along with its guidelines, rules, and standard norms of behavior which are usually required from all the individuals. Ethical choices tend to break these rules in order to address the complex situation and to resolve it. For this reason, people usually are misunderstood when they make ethical choices. Societal norms cause the feeling of guilt, which is only possible to overcome when the cause of problem disappears.

Ethical choices involve care about individuals and, in most cases, address the problems of social inequality between the rich and the poor, the disabled and healthy people, etc. A poor mother of ten children who sees a rich woman dropping wallet on the pavement makes the ethical choice to take the money for her family. She makes her own judgments that the rich woman does not need so much money, and, at the same time, this money can help her feed her children for a long time. Relatives deciding to cut the life support equipment of the suffering patient, soldier killing his dying friend on the battlefield to prevent him from the slow death – all these are ethical choices. They break societal norms, but they show nonviolence and fairness towards those individuals who are involved. In these cases, ethical choice is fully supported by the majority of people.


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