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The remarkable gift of technological advancement has generated unprecedented responsibility and challenges to human kind. Computer and Information Technology are changing the basic societal norms of democratic societies. The question of future technology and its indulgence in personal life is of great concern in the society. The dynamic global challenges coupled with technological advancement will change the societal life forever. This is because the increase in crime and criminology have necessitated the need to increase surveillance as well as increase of the security apparatus in the society. Technological advancement has seen the invention of  cameras which can be used as a surveillance tool to avert crime. However, in the future, things will change dramatically since technology will make it possible to monitor every individual for almost his or her entire life and activities.

From the time of its invention, computers have created complex social, ethical, and value concerns. These issues have been shown in a several of ways. In the recent past there has been technological  evolution in computer application as surveillance. In the future, I see a technological evolution towards the use of electronic gadgets as surveillance equipment and the use of secret camera in all places. Personal computers, cell phone, telephone set will be used by the government as security surveillance equipment in a bid to address the problem of insecurity in the countries. Security is one of the most taxing administrative responsibilities of the government, and international community. This is done to prevent potential security risks. Towards this, many governments will invest in security projects in the hope of a calculated future benefit. With the increase in  technological advances, new techniques  of detecting security lapses will be  been designed. Among the future technological advancement towards  security issues will be  the mounting of surveillance camera on  equipment on personal gadgets without the knowledge of the users.



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One of the basic functions of any  government is to provide protection to its people . Law enforcement agencies are tasked to offer internal security and stop  criminality that may threaten the lives of citizens or their property. However, controversies are expected to  arise, concerning  ethical standards  in providing this security to the people. In any democratic state, the right to individual privacy is one of the basic  rights for everyone. Law enforcement agencies will be  required to carry out  their activities  according to the law, meaning that they are supposed to respect the rights of citizens, including their right to privacy.

The technology of amounting surveillance  cameras on all electronic equipment will  be is one of the latest technique used by several law enforcement agencies to fight future criminal activities  and guarantee a safe and peaceful society. It should be noted that installation of secret cameras is not a new thing but the inclusion of the technology in electronic equipment with are used at home without the knowledge of the people will take the surveillance to a new level.

Surveillance cameras on electronic equipment will play a big role in fighting crime. They will be used to capture a crime being committed for police to make arrests by carrying out a review of  the footages taken on these cameras mounted on electronic equipments. The video footage which will be taken on the security cameras will also be used as evidence to prosecute the criminals so that they get convicted (Senior 167). However, the move to have cameras in all places to monitor peoples' activities will be a good move towards enhancing security.  However, critics definitely will claim such that this technological advancement is not enough to warrant the potential of abuse of the technology to monitor people’s privacy.

Apart from the secret cameras all electronic equipments and in public areas, secret surveillance cameras will be part of everyday life. However, this technological move will go too far since the secret cameras and surveillance chips will be installed in almost everything. These are areas where someone would have an ‘expectation of privacy’. These areas include restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, showers, employee lounges and treatment rooms amongst others. The technological advancement on security  establishments may feel that it is their right to install security cameras on any part of their property, yet they are, in fact, infringing on other people’s rights to privacy. Even if the people are made aware of the existence of secrete security cameras, individuals will still feel uncomfortable using the facilities. This is because people will feel that their private life are monitored. There should be  laws which govern the establishment of  the use of surveillance cameras in public and private places, but the law enforcement agencies are usually given a wide berth. There is no specific scope as to how far they can go with their use of secrete security cameras.

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The use of surveillance secret cameras on the roads is normally regarded to be a very efficient way of controlling traffic offenders and enhance road safety. These secret cameras are majorly placed at stoplights, intersections, and other sections of the road. Anybody who goes on a red light or speeds through an intersection, passes the speed limit or breaks any other traffic rules will be recognized and punished accordingly. However, there are a number of  reasons why many individuals  will be  opposed to the use of secret  cameras to monitor peoples' activities. Before, when anyone gets a traffic violation, an officer gives violator a ticket and make him or her aware of the offense he or she has committed on the spot.


The future technological progress will be of great influence in societal life. Future technological progress which will ensure that there is surveillance in  almost every equipment one uses will have a great effect on people’s lives. The private life of people will be a thing of the past since the state will be able to monitor very person activities. In examining the penalty of any actions of future technology, Utilitarianism depends on the theory of intrinsic value which highlights that something is deemed to be good in itself despite the repercussions  and all other values are assumed to gain their worth from their relation to this intrinsic good as a means to an end. In this regard, an action is right if it promotes happiness and wrong if does not bring happiness not only to the performer but also to everybody. A deontological moral system focuses on the strict following of independent societal moral rules or duties. In making correct moral choices, people should understand what their moral duties are and the correct rules which govern them. When people follow their duties, they behave morally. Generally, in deontological set up, duties, rules, and obligations are determined by God. Therefore behaving morally is obeying God’s rules.

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In my pinion future technology calls for moral behavior which is pegged on both Utilitarianism and a deontological moral system. This is because following rules, regulation will not only bring happiness according to Utilitarianism but also depict human moral uprightness in obeying rules which are extensions of obeying God as held in a deontological system. In this regard, when a person steals an article, which is an intellectual property from the internet, the person should face law similar to anybody who has stolen and physical property. This will go a long way in curbing plagiarism and enforcing good ethics and morals in the so-called digital community. Future technology  should therefore be streamlined to embrace aspects of a deontological moral system and Utilitarianism


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