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The hallmark of deontological ethics is Kantian ethics. The rules and guidelines supposed to be adhered to in this discipline are observed because of the role they play in the society. The Kantian ethics are responsible for the promotion of virtues while they disregard the vices. This therefore means that Kantian is responsible for keeping standards that are used to gauge an action. The founder of this discipline said that if any law is considered to be moral, it must be responsible for binding and unconditional; in this regard it must be a thing that is in itself good and which is responsible for the greatest societal good. A number of unethical issues have been raised as far as our roads are concerned.

For instance take such a case, driving one evening from school, a car approaches you from the opposite direction and makes a u turn abruptly after slowing down. Instead of the driver moving the car from your lane, he ignores. The act of him nearly killing you is unethical. This means that there is nothing ethical when a person makes such a stupid decision. Trying to analyze the reasons as to why such a driver was able to do such a thing will not make sense at all. What results from these if there were a number of cars behind you, you can give it a good guess. From such an illustration we can be able to get a glimpse of what ethics can be and what it may not be. Believe me, there are numerous cases like this in our roads daily. Such actions by greedy selfish unreasonable drivers are the causes of the many accidents we have in our roads which leads to congestions and traffic jams.



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Theory indicates that the number of cars in our roads does not matter if the each person observes self discipline (leaves the house in time, drives within the legal speed limit and observes all the set traffic regulations). But in our case, self discipline among the people is never observed, people leave their houses late, drive at very different speed limits and within a matter of minutes, cars starts clogging as the traffic builds up. There are those who are in a hurry and all they do is change lanes frantically with a view of finding the fastest one. Such a behavior leads up to a number of people spending and wasting a lot of time on the roads, wasting time that could have otherwise have been used in productive activities. It is undisputable to say that its self interest that motivates a person's driving.

And there is nothing that can solve such issues if ethics is not introduced to the general public. Without ethics, it is evidence that self interest will be the driving force for people and the result is greediness. Ethics is very important especially if we live in a community. Millions of people here and across the world drive everyday either to their work places or to other significant places, what results from this is traffic jams. The congestion and traffic jams created on our roads are known to cause stress, anxiety and there is decrease in the total production. It is therefore very important if a way of dealing with this problem is introduced to the people so as they can easily navigate the cities' roads so continue carrying out their daily activities.

The corner stone of the Kantian ethics is its categorical imperative i.e. it emphasizes on the universality. Kant is known to criticize actions as being immoral if they are responsible for the contradictions experienced within the laws of nature and secondly if they contradict the will. The Kantian ethics finds its strength in the equality principle which means that an "eye for an eye". There is also the issue of the motives behind an act, people are known to avoid suffering situations or situations that may lead to suffering. The Kantian may sometimes propose for unethical step being carried out if through these some sufferings will be avoided. Suffering among the people would only be as a result of their actions, actions that breach the universally laid laws e.g. driving in the wrong lane is one's undertaking. This implies that the number of hours wasted in our roads is our own making.

To control it, selfishness among the people should be punished and acts that results to desirable results are encouraged especially if they are directed to the good of the others. The ideology being emphasized by the Kantian ethics of an eye for an eye is a very controversial issue. This would mean that each person should be watching his back and not that of the friend or neighbor. The Kantians are supportive of the capital punishment for those who are found guilty despite the punishment being classified as demeaning in the modern society. This means that the Kantian ethics will support cases that involve great deals of suffering so as to prevent lesser pains and sufferings from occurring. The definition of what is right and wrong has also been found to be controversial; this is because what may seem to be right and acceptable in a single state may be immoral in another. There is the disregard of emotions that may end up confusing universal rationales.

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Ethics, therefore, refers to the acceptable code of conducts in the society according to the parameters prescribed by the society. Kantian ethics refers to the type of ethics that postulate that in determining what is ethical, one has to consider the motive of the persons. According to Kant and his understandings of what is ethical, he says that moral actions should not be based on the emotions or the expectation of the reward. Kantian ethics postulates that a person should be guided by ethics in carrying out his duties and not out of emotions. Sometimes as a person pursues what is ethical may end up doing wrong thus what should be considered in judging a person is his motives. Every person in the society is known to pursue his personal interests but he should do that having other people in mind; ethical person. The personal interests should not infringe the rights of others in the society but should uphold those rights. Due to the diversity of people in the society in terms of age, race, nationality, education and economical background, people are known to pursue different goals in life which at time compromise the welfare of others in the society.

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In roads all over the world, there is a menace of traffic congestion especially in less developed countries of the world. The traffic congestions emancipate from lack of ethics especially by road users who use roads without considering other users. Ethics demand that a person in pursuing of his personal interest for instance reaching his destination on shortest time possible should do that considering also others have similar motives as his. Also traffic congestions in other countries can be blamed on authorities who do not create capacities of the roads to handle an increased number of vehicles in the roads. In many less developed countries the roads network are not sufficient to handle every increasing number of the vehicles that are entering in the country. In every single year there are hundred of thousand vehicles that enter the local markets. This increase in the number of the vehicles entering the country should warrant the policy makers to ensure that the roads can handle this every rising numbers of cars. To increase capacity of the roads in handling the large number of vehicles on the roads and thus ease traffic congestion, the authority should expand the roads by increasing more lanes.

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In my opinion, traffic congestion is also increased by the presence of the un-roadworthy vehicles in the country. Some of the vehicles that move on our roads not well maintained and thus break down on the roads causing traffic congestions. Some vehicles due to the number of the years they have, there are not speedy that causing traffic jams to build behind them and thus resulting to traffic congestions. The authorities should ensure that the vehicles on the roads are roadworthy and that they are well maintained so that they do not break down on the roads and cause traffic jams. The government should come with the laws that prohibit the importation of the cars in the country that have exceeded a certain age limit. This would stop the importation of the old vehicles that have high chances of breaking down.

Another cause of the traffic congestion is due to the ineffective management of the roads. Some of the roads networks especially in the developing countries are not well maintained thus there are many potholes along the roads. This makes the drivers to slow down while driving across those potholes. This makes vehicles along the road to build up thus increasing traffic congestion. In some countries traffic lights gives poor signals or they are not functional at all. This brings problems where vehicles have to enter other roads and hence building up traffic congestion. Along the highway also, bumps are constructed to limit the speed in which vehicles are driven on some sections of the roads. Thus bump slows down the movement of vehicles thus resulting to traffic congestion. Most of the cases of traffic congestions are caused by the people who are not ethical and thus do not follow the stipulated laws set to regulate the usage of the roads. Some people are so unethical that do not respect the required rules such as respecting of traffic lights. In some of the events, flouting of these traffic rules result to occurrence of accidents along the roads causing loss of lives and also traffic congestion. Other causes of congestion along the roads include bad weather such as falling of snows, special events such as presence of foreign dignitaries in the countries who make the roads to be closed for security reasons.

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In conclusion a person should be ethical while using roads and thus help traffic congestions in the roads. By being ethical a person would be mindful of other people who are using the roads. Some of the ways in which a person can use the road properly and thus curb traffic congestion is through regularly servicing his vehicles thus avoiding it from breaking down along the roads. A person should also follow the laid down rules in the use of roads such as respecting traffic lights and not over speeding thus causing accidents. In a nutshell, if people uphold ethics in the use of the roads, problem of traffic congestion would be a thing of the past.


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