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Human beings have had a lot of dynamism throughout their history and development. There are things that happened millions of years ago but they still have their impacts felt up to the present day. One such event was the impact of slave trade which brought many Africans to United States of America and the lot has gone through a lot of experiences some of them still persistent up to the present time. A negative side of the same as influenced by the historical experiences has persisted. This is the racism which has left many African Americans feeling deprived for reasons that is only a story to them. However, in recent times there have been positive changes aided by a number of efforts by people such as DeMott who have brought forward information that is useful towards harmonizing the Native Americans and the African Americans.

One of the strongest points outlined by DeMott in his work is that the racial difference is so much rooted to the history that it once seemed like that is the way it was meant to be (DeMotte 647). People should indeed understand that until they take the responsibility of harmonizing the seemingly different communities, it is no way possible to expect there be the harmonization brought by any other external influence. The change is contained in accepting that history is long gone and so the African Americans should be looking forward to the benefits of having a united community where the color of the skin does not subject a person to any negative relation with people with a different skin color (DeMott 647).



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Leaving the whole matter to resolve itself due the assumption that what history dictated is how the situation was meant to be will only make matters worse. If the response is made now and everyone makes a positive contribution towards ensuring a unified relation will help break the thought which has been instilled in many Americans' minds about the racial difference. It is difficult to change this and especially because the present generation was born and brought up in this condition and so the notion is strongly instilled in them that this situation is what is normal. That African Americans are lesser human beings as compared to the Native Americans.

Demotte has also brought out the idea of the important role that the media can play towards ensuring there is harmony between the African Americans and the Native Americans (DeMott 643). It is indeed notable how all the communities can be easily transformed by what is seen or read from the media houses. Such scenes as seen in adverts brought in the TV can bring a huge impact towards transforming the community and bringing the desirable change between the communities. The Native Americans visualize how much they would be happier if they lived in harmony with the African Americans. The media using movies featuring African Americans and Native Americans help in making it look real that indeed both parties need each other if they want to live happily. (Demott 642).

Sometimes it is unimaginable for the Native Americans to believe that they can actually live in harmony with the African Americans but when this is the image brought through by the media, then it starts looking real and so they eventually start accepting each other. It will therefore be easier to transform the minds that already have a description of a relation that nears perfection in relation to how the two communities relate to each other. Even through work like this one of Demotte, it would be of much help towards bringing the change as it is very analytical and unbiased which is very important in aiding the reconciliation process (Demott 643).

The media is also capable of reaching more people than any other means can do. It is therefore one of the strongest ideas of bringing the change that Demotte has described. Using the movies and the advertisements that show a perfected relationship between the African Americans and the Native Americans has a huge impact on the people who have never thought of ever achieving the harmonious relationship between these communities. The media is therefore illustrated by Demotte as one of the most effective means of bringing the transformation but only with a strong will to bring the change which is upon realization of how important the good relationship is.

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Demotte also demonstrated how the responsibility of bringing sanity and normalcy in relation to the issue of racism. He explains that it is only when both communities agree to end the poor relationship that has been existent over the long time that it will come to be. Even if there are all the external pressures trying to bring harmony between the two races of the blacks and the whites, without the individual strong will to actualize the goal of bringing harmony will remain to be just that, a goal. The African Americans should stop feeling like the Native Americans owe them a lot as a sign of repentance. They should put what has been in the past to behind them and try and move on swiftly. Holding the grudge will only make things worse because the African Americans will find it difficult to forgive the perceived violators who are the Native Americans. In some cases, some whites are innocent and very much willing to cultivate a friendly relationship but if their efforts fall on unconvinced population then it is hard to have the dream realized (Demott 649).

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It is therefore important that the African American community learns the importance of accepting that although the damage is already there continuing in the same situation will only make things worse. The continued hatred will disable any effort to gain the benefits of a united nation. The Native Americans community should also drop the feeling of guilt which makes them feel like the African Americans can never forgive them. This will hamper the recovery process. Since the healing process is extremely dependent on the way the two races relate, it is important that both the Native Americans drop the feeling of guilt as it will enable them feel free to interact with the African Americans (Demott 648).

Through the interaction, both communities will be at ease to learn about each other and know how not to offend each other. However, as Demotte puts it, this is made so difficult by lack of trust for each other but there is no better time to reach for a solution than now. Putting the matter as though there are other people who will come and help in resolving the problem will not help in any way. The African Americans need the Native Americans as much as the Native Americans need the African Americans. Demotte explains that no one should be victimized of being guilty in causing the situation as it is. Although the Native Americans feel like it is them who owe the African Americans an apology, it is only fair that the African Americans accept that dwelling on the past and the offences committed will never be the solution (DeMott 646).

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From DeMott's work there is so much detail and content behind his words. He has expressed what many other writers would not do and especially the whites. He even puts himself as part of the white community that has oppressed the African Americans over ages. The content of his work is also very well analyzed and his way of critiquing is not biased. This makes DeMott's writing valid and very relevant to the situation as it is. He justifies their reasons for seeking a reconciliation chief among them the realization that they both need each other and the feeling of guilt which punishes the whites from within (DeMott 648).

Racism is a vice that has been in existence for a long time throughout the development of humanity. As a vice aligned towards a natural characteristic which is within no means changeable by human beings, it is probably one of the strongest forms of abuse to humanity that there can ever be. The victims therefore remain in the suffering until the perceived superior community feels like it is time to end the vice. DeMott's writing has outlined some of the reasons as to why racism has continued up to the present times when everyone is expecting the world to be civilized and to drop such vices. However, this vice has been persistent but DeMott's work and other similar efforts can be very important in bringing the desired transformation.


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