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Ethical dilemma refers to a complicated condition that in most cases involve apparent mental conflict among the moral imperatives, under which obeying one would lead to the interrogation of the other situation. In other terms, it is also called ethical paradox as in moral philosophy; paradox has a major part in ethics.

Ant-gay kooks went to protest outside soldier's funeral that took place in Oklahoma. When they returned to their car, they found tires slashed. As they were driving to town on flat tires anyway, to repair them, people refused to help them at all. I felt some kind of satisfaction at the incidence, but on the other hand, this was very much wrong, (Myers, 2010) . No matter awfully the WBC cretins were, they were not to be harmed. Their possessions were not supposed to be vandalized. Even though they were not a lawsuit-impressed group of betrayers, still they had their right to freedom of speech as well as protest as they wish. This was much clear to me without any ambiguity at all; and if I was a witness of anybody attempting to slash the tires on their car, I would try my best to stop that person and call the police on the matter. There were people at Oklahoma when they participate in property destruction, even if it was an odious gang of hooligans, (Myers, 2010).

I was much torn on the refusal to provide my assistance afterwards, though; on the other hand, it happened that I was a tire salesman and these people came to me to purchase a new pair of Yana tires what could I have done? I was much confused on whether to despise them and everything they stand for. On the other hand I was thinking of selling them damned tires. The other mind thought of helping them by even fixing the tires on their car, but all these will pain me. All just seemed to me that there is a tenet that is really at stake, of a duty to provide fair treatment even to those who happen to be nastiest in the society that we all belong, and we all go against it when we tend to turn someone into pariah because of what they stand for.

As an effect I felt schadenfreude at that moment and thought that in real sense those men needed even a punishment that was much worse than what were given. At the same time I was much disappointed in the McAlester people, Oklahoma who did not demonstrate that were good citizens, who respect other peoples' rights and freedoms. They acted just like dogs of Westboro Baptist church.

At long last, I took the impression of tire slashing, but I was much overjoyed over the refusal to provide any service at my tire shop. So in other words I did not sell them any pair of tire, nor neither did I lay my hand assisting them to fix when they bought the tire somewhere else and brought them for fixing. This was because; I did not have any obligation to treat them and their horde in a fair manner as compared to other sensible citizens. I felt the impression of their property destruction, simply because they have similar intrinsic freedoms and rights like any other citizen, hence I advocated against that, as an effect, it will be much okay if the government steps in to ensure that people's rights are not violated, (Melissa , 2011) . Concerning the matter of rights, they do not have any right to my services. Am not under any obligation to sale or repair a tire to anybody, it is only upon my wish. Due to this, I was not interested at all to engage in any transaction with them.


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