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Points Of View

1. Bush administration blamed it on the Al Qaeda and Osama bin laden as mastermind behind September 11 the a8ack and convinced the public with September 11 report that junkies  Al Qaeda as the force behind the a8acks though  with no concrete  evidence and hence agreed on an counter attack on Iraq soil 

2. The public and families of victims, blame the bush administration and accuse it for treason since there it  refused with information concerning what happened on 9%u201011-2001.

3. Osama bin laden was not responsible for the a8ack and Al Qaeda a militia group he was blamed of leading was just but a CIA data based used by the militia government to spread war propaganda.

4. Fire  fighters on 9,11 2001 commented that nothing  was adding up to a terrorist  attack, from the collapse  of  the buildings  to  the hidden  gold pieces under the  building.

5. The press media and analyst  proved that the 4  coordinated a8acks including the twin towers was a premeditated and bush administration aware of it, given that there was no evidence to prove otherwise  (Davbid, 2004).



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Perception on the Ethical Problem

Dilemmas  we face are often complex, so it’s best to examine the problem from  several perspectives  and avoid searching  for a  simplistic solution or relying  on our individual biased decisions.

Analyzing from a  point of view the September 11 attacks was an actor of terrorism on  us soil and it only can be a US  enemy of state and from history it has been the Muslim community.

Analyzing  the problem according to the Government 9%u201011 report, the press/analyst and  families  point of view argue that limited information was given to the press, no solid evidence recovered from the attacks, analysis on similar plane crush and collapse of such strong buildings all concluded that the September 11 attacks could have been a terrorist attack but even so, from an enemy within and  since he  government is charged with protecting its citizens then it is to blame for the attack.

Describing the Situation

There were  a series of  four coordinated a8acks upon the United  States in New York City and the Washington, D.C The attack on the world trade center was the most devastating 2,996 people  died.

In this case the administrative government being the top most hierarchy  or office in the country responded to the a8ack by blaming Al-Qaeda and releasing  September 11 report relating to the a8ack as a terrorist act headed by Osama Bin Laden.

The report was based on zero  evidence give that no real information of the happening could be proved like the collapse of the twin tower  and disappearing of black boxes from the plane wreck and no actual evidence on planes wrecked part in other attack scenes.

Defining the Ethical Issue

This perspective show that there  are several actions played  by different actors whose role to help us understand the problem and all  its various dimensions.

• The government –Had presented a model air attack on the same buildings  hit and same day.

They also  refused to release information after the attacks on key questions raised by the public and press.

Larry silverstein signed  a 99 years lease on world trade center weeks before the attack insuring the building against acts of terror.

Some offices in the world  trade center, with drew money  and important  document from  their office including money cashed out  or transferred to other bank prior the attack.

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Airplanes companies whose planes we used to conduct the a8ack. Sources say they  were not supposed to be in operation.

Griffin in 911 reviews, states The press media, who covered the  actual scenes after

the attacks finding no trace plane wrecks and missing black  boxes in some scenes, Like on the pentagon.

Al Qaeda, blamed and photo of Muslim affiliations displayed after the a8acks as  the  hijackers. Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of  Commons that Al%u2010Qaeda was not  an entity but a  data base(911review.com)

The firefighter testimony of an other explosion after the attack on twin  towers and that fire couldn’t bring that world trade center down. “experts said no building like it, a modern, steel reinforced high rise, had ever collapsed because of an uncontrolled fire.” Glanz (2001)

Identifying Alternatives

Defining alternative  perspective calls  for consider  all opinion from consultations, testimonies,  reviews of documented reports, press release, interviews, which  can help  to identify who  is accountable for the problem.

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1.Prior knowledge of the attack by some government official like a retrieved phone conversation between  Condalisa Rice warning St. Francisco mayor, willy brown not  to board a plane the following day  (September 11) .

2. The government blamed it on Al Qaeda and produced  video of Osama testifying  to have launched the attacking though sources proved that it  was not the real Osama video. 

3. No clear evidence of plane wreck in some attacks scene.

4. Threats to analyst, investigators and by press and the general public every by the government every name they sort  for truth or clarity (Cooper, 2012).

5.Relationship  of the initially department of defense proposal on a possible pentagon  a8ack and drill of  a model air attack on the same day the same way  it happened though turned down by the government  as impossible.

6.Unjustified war on Iraq by the Bush administration, all actions reflect the Government presence and other actions reflected the planes companies, and prominent business persons

Projecting  probable consequences

 From the perspective, we determine the  course of action in the case.

  1. According to  The 9-11 Commission Report, which was meant to tell the world a findings of what happened, the government never provided concrete evidence in terms of actual details of the planes used in the attack, information black boxed were irretrievable, never mentioned where cameras at the pentagon went which could have show what exactly pentagon did.
  2.  The report was totally a  different story from actual testimonies from survivors and witness on ground on that  actually.
  3. This clearly points out that even if there were other alternative to this  understanding the problem and who is responsible, like the planes companies, the business persons like silverstein, or Al Qaeda said the report said, still the government must  have been behind all. 
  4. The failure to provide reliable truth information on the incident was probably to protect those fully responsible from facing legal consequences.

Problem Consequences

Media houses, analysts and researchers have pointed out numerous issues that do not add up concerning the plane crashes on the twin towers:

  1. Planes that were meant to be destroyed appeared at airports and began taking passengers.
  2. President Bush continued to read story books with children even after being informed that America was under attack (Woodward, 2002)..
  3. Most of the information about the attacks disappeared after September 11.
  4. The nature of the crash of the two towers was too systematic to be attributed to the plane crashes.

The conclusion here is that the Bush administration had something to do with the attacks.

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Selecting an Alternative

Research revealed that the government had known about the attack. It had warned all major state officials to avoid flights on that day. Therefore, the government could prevented the attack but allowed it to happen due to narrow interests.

State of Resolution

It is clear that the Bush administration had participated in the attack in order to gain control into the Middle East and its rich reserves of oil. After the attacks, the Bush administration launched an offensive on Iraq under the pretext of clamping down on weapons of mass destruction. The war in Iraq has never ended, ensuring that the US remains firmly in control of the vast oil reserves in the country.


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