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Equal employment opportunity concerns the employee's equal access to the opportunity available at the place of work. Ensuring that they are free in all sorts of unlawful discrimination and harassment and offering programs, which will help the member groups of the EEO to defeat the past and present disadvantages.

There are grounds at which defend the employees and are known as executive order, they help in safeguarding the interest of the employee against concerns like sex, creed, religion, color or national origin. EEO ensures that no one is being discriminated under the Civil Rights Acts of 1964. This commission has a responsibility to put into effect the provisions of the act against dishonest employment practices. Meaning if a person deem as though some sort of erroneous acts is being done to him/her that has to do with the person's race, sex, disability, age, origin, pregnancy, faith, or if a person deem he/she is being sexually molested or being retaliated against, then he/she should inform the EEO.

Discrimination in employment implies to any type of prejudice or favoritism under sexuality, pregnancy and marital status in employment. The EEO Act does make sure the employee does not face such problems, and it is classified as unlawful when people are treated unfairly.

The Equal employment opportunity helps in identifying an individual's worthiness under the basis of skills, knowledge and merits. The equal employment opportunity ensures fair organization, industry and in the society. It also ensures that an individual is given fair access to people offering different opportunities. It encourages and offers the disabled people fair chance and opportunity in the society. Training, investigations, and seminars are conducted by the EEO office country wide to ensure state and local laws are followed. (Carter, National Archives and Office of the federal Register 49)

The EEO office encourages all staff countrywide to come up with different question concerning the training to facilitate resolutions and investigating unlawful complaints and make proper referral to agencies or organization. It also offers support to the women commissions, and helps in the diversity effort countrywide and works in the county cultural recognition program. In these organizations, the office of the EEO through the supervisor, work towards eliminating discrimination and harassment in the work place and enables equality and diversity in the community.


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