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Ethical code is a guideline designed to set out a desirable behavior in a particular association or members of a given group. Tow ethical codes related to an interview process and have played critical roles in the determination of the professional and patient relationships are confidentiality and professional competence and integrity.

Marriage therapists have the duty to respect and guard the confidences of each individual client and can only use clients' details only if a written waiver is obtained in accordance with sub-principle 2.2 (AAMFT, 2011). On the ethical code of professional competence and integrity, ACA (2005) demonstrates that counselors engage in self-care activities to maintain and promote their emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being to best meet their professional responsibilities.

The similarities and differences related to competence, informed consent, confidentiality, social justice, and diversity are centered on overcome the inhibiting effects on disclosure and delivering the services to patients in accordance with existing laws and regulations. In the understanding that psychologists work with clients who have diverse backgrounds, the capacity to handle these issues with levels of confidentiality eventually define social justice and better management of diversity.

Furthermore, the similarity between informed consent and limits to confidentiality illustrate that experience apparently does not translate into competence. It is my opinion that while practitioners and researchers face a number of challenges on how to provide accurate, impartial, and comprehensive information to clients who vary so widely in their ability to understand, there is need to combine a great deal of search and critical thinking to protect the rights and needs of clients.


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