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According to Chris Simpson in the article "it takes more than ethics" in ICT education, the moral behaviour began before 1970's'though the social institutions have already lost heed over it. Though moral training was scrapped from the curriculum, majority of them have started learning computer ethics as a unit since its importance has been realised and to a more extent it has been compulsory in all undergraduate degree course at Swinbume university. Since then more students have shown great interest in it since it's important for their forthcoming professional courses. Currently it used to close the gap of ethics, since it's so wide that it forced to be included in the syllabus.

Chris further argues that, though there are a lot of criticism in ICT professionalism and practice, several software engineering codes of ethics have been developed and updated in order to improve its goodness, though the communities/ public interests are given the first priority. Public education is also offered by external organizations to enhance recognition and acknowledgment of the professional ethical behaviour.

In the ICT practice, new tools that enhance excellence and ethical design have also been developed. Currently most ICT ethics bodies have joint hands to enhance a public understanding with regards to the ethical issues.

According to Chris, most professions and business world in general, one's ethical practice is always remembered, since success is only dependant on the members understanding of ethics.

In response to this issue, many ethical bodies have been created with broad areas of interest, where majority are aimed to assist their member to adopt these practices in and around their firms and also enhance awareness of ethics to their surrounding communities.

Though ethics seems to be useful, its usefulness has greatly lost meaning in response to the various interpretations made against them, since its definition terms it as neither good nor bad and more often differs from one social group and culture to the other. Thus emphasising on public interest above everything else. According to this article, the codes of values plays a vital role in unifying us thereby enhancing accord and harmony.

With regards to responsibility measurement, emphasis relating to bearing of consequences, commitment and values are highly prioritized. Further on responsibility is an outlook and a moral pledge to human life. For responsibility to be effective one should identify the problem, commitment is taken into contemplation, once decision has been recognized proper action is thus taken but it will greatly require a lot of daring to execute because of the implicit penalty.


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