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Erotica and pornography are two different terms that have related meanings. People use both erotica and pornography to portray sexuality (Shaw, 2008). However, depiction of sexuality is what distinguishes erotica from pornography. Adult human beings have found erotica and pornography to be extremely useful in stimulating sexual sensation among men. Distribution of erotica and pornography takes place in the form of books, magazines, films, audio, websites, short stories, photography, videos, just to mention a few (Shaw, 2008). People make substantial money from production and distribution of erotica and pornography because adolescents and adults desire them. This discussion will consider distinction that exists between erotica and pornography.

Pornography refers to the explicit depiction of sexuality by using a number of media, which include books, postcards, magazines, sculpture, photos, animation, drawing, sound, recording, painting, videos and films (Shaw, 2008). The depiction of sexual acts is extremely sensational and focuses on how sexual partners do the act physically. Therefore, it is evident that the main aim of pornography is to elicit quick, intense sexual reactions among sexual partners to better their sexual performance (Shaw, 2008). People enjoy videos as the main depiction media for pornography because movements are necessary, especially during sexual penetration. Pornography exists in two categories, which include soft-core pornography and hardcore pornography (Shaw, 2008). Soft-core pornography focuses on the nude modeling, as well as suggestive models of sexual intercourse. On the other hand, hardcore pornography consists of the nude models, which demonstrate penetrative intercourse in the explicit manner. Most producers and distributors of pornographic materials assume that consumers are mainly men, thereby target men’s presumed tastes.

Erotica refers to the artworks, including photography, literature, painting, film and sculpture, which deal essentially with sexually arousing or erotically stimulating descriptions (Shaw, 2008). This term describes depiction of sexuality and human sensuality with high art cherished desires, focusing on emotions and feelings. The producers and distributors of erotic materials target women, who are the main consumers. Erotic materials include images of naked women with sexually attractive colors, shapes, textures and sizes (Shaw, 2008). Therefore, erotica focuses not only on the depiction of primary sexual features, but also focuses on the secondary sexual features, such as enlarged breasts. Erotica stimulates both the body and mind, thereby arousing a person’s imagination and emotions.

Therefore, it is evident that pornography targets men as the main consumers of photographic materials because it elicits quick and intense sexual reactions among men (Shaw, 2008). On the other hand, erotica targets women as the main consumers of erotic materials. While pornography involves explicit depiction of sexual penetration, erotica involve mere nude images of beautiful women. The main focus of pornography is the primary sexual features while erotica focuses on both primary and secondary sexual features (Shaw, 2008). Video and audio serve as excellent depiction by media of pornography because movements and sounds will increase stimulation of sexual partners. Photographs are enough to depict nude images in erotica because the focus is to show sexually attractive body features to people. Movements are not necessary in erotica unlike in the case with pornography (Shaw, 2008).

In conclusion, erotica and pornography are different terms that focus on human sexuality. While erotica defines high emotional content, story line, characters and entire artistic theme, pornography commonly focuses on unemotional and unadorned lust, as well as depiction of sexual intercourse (Shaw, 2008). The portrayal of human sexuality differs between pornography and erotica. For instance, pornography involves the explicit depiction of sexual penetration, which is extremely sensational. Therefore, the main aim of pornography is to elicit quick, intense sexual reactions among sexual partners to increase the vigor for increased sexual performance. Depiction of human sexuality in erotica focuses on the nude images, especially on the beautiful naked body images of women. Erotica does not require presentation of the movements and sounds like in the case with pornography (Shaw, 2008).


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