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Euthanasia refers to the act of ending a person’s life intentionally, especially when the person is suffering from a terminal illness, which is extremely painful (Paterson, 2008). The intentional killing of a terminally sick person may take place upon the patient’s consent or without the consent of the patient. In some cases, a patient may request for euthanasia upon discovering that the family members are experiencing a shortage of finances and are not able to pay for all the medical care (Somerville, 2004). Euthanasia is legal in some countries and illegal in others. However, legalizing euthanasia may have negative consequences, including euthanizing terminally ill patients without their consent. Some people are against euthanasia, while others support euthanasia because of various reasons.

People may be against euthanasia based on their religious beliefs. They assert that God is in charge of their worldview, position of ethical issues, and moral compass. God creates people and ends their lives on His own. Therefore, doctors and other health care providers should not terminate the lives of their terminally ill clients, irrespective of the pain they are experiencing. Terminally ill patients should die naturally by the will of God, who created them. Some people suggest that it is necessary to relieve the pain of a terminally ill patient by withdrawing treatment, especially when the patient requests for euthanasia (Forman, 2003). Such individuals believe that people are in charge of their own health and have a right to request for euthanasia. However, this does not consider the impacts of the decision on close relatives and friends. In the countries or States like Oregon that have legalized euthanasia, family members or health care providers may put pressure on a terminally ill person to request for euthanasia. This happens when the family members show signs of becoming financially unstable to continue treatment of their patient. Therefore, it is not ethical to euthanize terminally ill patients against their desire to continue living. Some individuals believe that patients have a right to decide on the course of their lives based on the quality of their lives, as well as the suffering they are undergoing (Forman, 2003).

In conclusion, some people believe that God creates people and should be the only one to end their lives (Somerville, 2004). Terminally ill individuals may desire euthanasia to relieve the pain they are undergoing. In some cases, the terminally ill individuals may request for euthanasia due to the pressure of the family members and relatives, who are not willing to continue spending a lot of money for treating incurable disease. This is usually the case in those countries or states that have legalized euthanasia.


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